Wed Feb 7
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Thursday, February 8, 2007
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Subject: white hats

Recently, my boyfriend (of 1 year and ex of 3 months) and i got back togther. Nothing feels the same anymore. He no longer acts the same and he never treats me the same. I do not have a white hat, but I do have an orange one. I might go to the movies with my friends tomorro night. Maybe I'll see another white hatter, it sure would make me feel better about this world.

Look for me TriCities Cinemas. I'll be the one with the oranga hat.

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Subject: It's a pretty good daaaaay.....

The last movie I saw in theaters before tonight was Happy Feet over Thanksgiving weekend. Since then, I've been busy with school, going home for the holidays and now more school. Last week I was a bit sick with a cold and when Saturday rolled around I slept for about 15 hours! I didn't get up until about 6 pm that day. When I did, I was still feeling sick but I wanted to go see Pan's Labyrinth. I pulled out my phone, called my friends up and it turns out they were just getting OUT of the movie!!! They all forgot to call me. I was thinking of going alone but I was sick, a bit scared, and my mood had just been killed because I was completely forgotten. I talked to one of my other friends and she hadn't seen the movie either, but she lives out of town. We made plans to meet up at a midpoint to see it, but it wasn't playing anywhere near there. We decided that it was best if she came here and spent the weekend in town. Tonight we finally went to see Pan's Labyrinth. We ran into some school friends who were just getting out of the movie and we talked to them for a bit. Then we went to watch the movie and had a great time!! I didn't see any White Hatters, but the place was pretty empty. I hope the next time I can get around to the movies I see a white hat!
Baton Rouge, LA

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Subject: Story from Tally.
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2007

I've been following the White Hatters since they began. During winter break, I went to about five different movies and wore my white hat proudly. However, since the beginning of spring semester at my university, I've had nothing but an overwhelming amount of work and very little time to do anything at all--let alone go to the movies.
Last night I decided to finally put aside some time and go out by myself. I bought a ticket for "Because I Said So" and sat in the middle section. I was there for about 5 minutes thinking about the White Hate People when a lady sat to my left. During one of the previews, a girl came by and asked if the seat to my right was being saved. The lady to my left shrugged and said that she was there alone and I nodded in agreement. I found it completely strange that when I went to the theaters to get away from my busy schooling and just spend a night alone, that I had happened to be sitting between two people who were alone as well. We exchanged reasons as to why we were alone and watched the movie in a comfortable silence.

This is to the lady with the two sons that left her alone for "The Messengers" and to the girl whose friends went out of town. Although, we didn't exchange names, thank you for your company.

Tallahassee, FL

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Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007

I HAVE A WHITE HAT!! I’ll be wearing it to school today, and everyday, so I hope one day to find another white hatter. Hey, Fuzzy Hat, if you could wear yours like once a week, maybe on Wednesdays only (unless you abide strictly to the No White in Winter rule) then maybe we’ll find out we go to the same school! Okay, gotta go to school now. But see ya soon!

--Stylish hat in Bellevue, WA