White hats in England
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Sunday, December 10, 2006
Here's a story I just recieved:

Subject: English white hat people connection!!!
To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com

As promised, went to the movies tonight, the Greenwich
Picture House in Greenwich, England, part of London
really. I wore a terrible white hat. Saw another one,
spoke to the wearer, Tom.
Turns out he never heard of postsecret, but he was
interested in the story. I got the comp from the car
and we repaired around the corner to Wetherspoon's,
which has free wifi. Tom called some friends, I logged
on, and we're having a postsecret/birthday party at
this very moment, courtesy of thewhitehatpeople!

Edit (Sun 12/10/06):
Subject: White hats in Greenwich, England
Dear White Hat People,

Linked through from Post Secret, and so pleased that this idea is taking off. I have never been to the cinema alone, but this has given me the confidence to go - JUST GO! - the next time there's a movie I want to see that no one else does.

I often receive free tickets from an online source and am forever bugging people to go with me - from now on, I'll post any time I have a spare one or two and hopefully another someone with a white hat would like to take me up on my offer...

My local cinema is also the Picturehouse in Greenwich, so I would love to hear more from the people who met there through the white-hat connection - or anyone else in the area! victoriaccooper@yahoo.co.uk.

Thank you for bringing people together!