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Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Saturday, December 30, 2006
::::We're looking for some pictures to post on the site. Take one of you in your white hat, or maybe just your hat, or of people you meet with white hats. Send them in and I'll get them posted. :) -Becky
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Subject: Albuquerque, NM
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006

I recently moved to Albuquerque to start grad school, and so far making new friends has been slow going. I finally have my own white hat, and New Year's Eve will be my first chance to wear it to the movies. I'm so
excited! I've never felt uncomfortable going to movies alone, but the chance of meeting someone new and interesting makes it thrilling!

Albuquerque, NM

Los amigos no se escogen. Ellos te escogen a ti; o se los reschaza o
se los
acepta sin reservas.

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Subject: WHP in SD
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 20:06:33 -0600

I end up going to the movies after work sometimes at the cheap seats theatre just a block away from my work. I don't mind going to the movies alone now, but when I first started, there was the awkwardness of feeling alone
and that everyone is looking at you judging you harshly. But you know, seeing the shows you want when you can is great! And I've gotten the theatre to start a few shows just for me because I was the only one who showed up
at that showing!
I put my white hat (kind of a fancy fur looking hat) in my car the other day. Now when I go to the movies, I'll be sure to put it on!
-South Dakota

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Subject: white hat=?

i do not own a white hat. i asked for one for christmas, but nobody knew why i wanted one, so that didn't happen. however, i got a white scarf. so i guess i could wrap it around my head? haha. no, i'm all set, i don't need a white turban. but i do have a white headband. every time I feel alone, i'd gonna wear that headband. school, airport, just at home? whenever. if you ever see a girl alone in a white headband, talk to them. make them less alone.

a girl in...
austin, tx

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Subject: To the White Hatter in Liverpool, UK.
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006

I think meeting is a really good idea, though maybe it will take away a little from the suprise of meeting someone in a cinema who is wearing a hat. I went to the cinema tonight with friends, and saw no White Hatters, it's a Wednesday though, and I wasn't really looking. Maybe next time I want to see a film that no one else wants to I'll go alone. It's nice knowing that people close to me are involved in this too, maybe if I'm in a cinema in Liverpool one time I'll see you, only half an hour away.
Chester, UK.

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Subject: thank you so much.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006

This whole idea makes me so amazingly happy. Friendships, inspirations, courage.
I don’t own any white hats & I never thought I look good in them. but im going to buy one & im going to wear it. I also have never gone to a movie alone in my life. I am only a teen, but I find this idea intriguing. I often see people alone in movies, & I have always had the strange urge to speak to them, meet them. Well, you have given me courage & I will speak to you, just make sure to wear your white hat or headband. I will find you, the one I have been looking for, & maybe we can wear our white hats together.

Love from Dayton , MN ,

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Subject: To White Hats in England

I just started going to university in Scotland, and though I've made so many friends here it seems like no one ever feels as lonely as I do. I know you're all the way down south, but just the fact that you're on this little island with me makes me feel much less alone.

I'm going home for Christmas, but when I get back I'll be wearing my white hat to the movies here and thinking of you. Hopefully we'll both find someone else in the darkness to whom we can speak in whispers about loneliness and strength.

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Subject: A Question of White Hat Etiquete; Mr. Tehn.
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006

I'm a longtime Postsecret fan who just found your blog. All my best
friends in the city where I live are married couples, so it's hard to
get anyone do do anything with me on weekends. Last night, after
failing to get two different friends to accompany me, I attempted to go
to David Lynch's "Inland Empire" by myself, but it was sold out, which
made me feel even more pathetic than if I had successfully gone by
myself. So I bought a ticket for tonight's show (to which nobody can go
with me, either). Are white hats only for Saturday nights or may I
consider tonight's movie, since it is a postponement, an honorary

In addition to being a solitary moviegoer I'm also a cartoonist, and
this week I drew a very strange, sad cartoon not quite like anything
I've drawn before. I don't want to use your site for self-promotion,
but I thought your readers might empathize with the plight of the
unfortunate Mr. Tehn. (Sorry there isn't a picture of him at the
movies.) I'm attaching a version to this e-mail but it'll also be
posted on my website this Wednesday: I find that
when I'm out eating dinner alone, vizualizing myself as Mr. Tehn makes
me feel better. Although not much.

It's nice to be reminded that our feeling of being hopelessly different
and freakish and alienated is exactly what we all have in common--that
lonelieness is what unites us.

Tim Kreider
::::You can also view this cartoon at or visit to check out other work by Tim Kreider. -Becky

Wednesday, December 27, 2006
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I think it would defeat the purpose if it was limited to only Saturdays. Or even toonly nights. I, personally, see a lot of matinees (what with the money thing ...) &I always sit in the front row, without fail. I usually end up in a
theater that isminimally populated & before now, I've never worn a white hat.As an early Christmas gift, my sister -- just recently returned from college --bought me one.
Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, we're going to catch a movie (or two!) & whether or notI think any other white hatters will be there or not, I'll be wearing my new white hat. :D
~ Fairfax, VA

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Subject: I Can't believe it
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006

I went tonight, just like I said I would. I wore my hat and went to see "night at the museum" at AMC. In line to buy my ticket, I searched, I hoped, I saw no one. I went into my theatre to get my seat, I looked again. No one. I went back out to get food at the concessions stand, I watched, and finally, I saw another white hat in the crowd. I froze, excitement stopping me in my tracks. I watched him. He wore a blue striped tee-shirt, and a white baseball cap. Finally, we made eye contact. I reached up and touched my hat. I wasn't sure, but I thought he nodded. I couldn't help but grin. I turned away for a moment, but realized that he might not have been nodding at me, so I looked back at him. He was still looking, so I did it again. This time I was certain his nod was for me.
We didn't talk at all, and we didn't meet later on, but knowing he was out there and doing the same thing that I was made me enjoy my movie even more.
-Independence, Missouri

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Subject: Tonight was a good night

Tonight I went to see a movie by myself, something I'd never done before. It started out pretty lousy; I couldn't find a hat and had to go buy one, my mom almost didn't let me go, and I got there late.
My dad dropped me off in front of the theater and I waited until he had driven out of sight before fishing my new hat out of my pocket and jamming it onto my head. Instantly I felt better...and I didn't care if I looked dorky or if people noticed that I was by myself or even if nobody noticed me at all. I wore my hat all through the movie and I enjoyed every minute of it. I saw two other white hats, but neither of them noticed me and I don't think they were one of the White Hat People, but it still made me giggle to know that they were there.
Thank you for starting this. I'm going to the movies again next week, and I don't care if nobody talks to me then either, or the next week, or the week after that. It's not like I'll be alone.

-White hat in Fresno, California

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Subject: I DID IT!!!
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006

It was Sunday afternoon... my sister and I decided it was
time. I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half, 2
days ago. I'm still very much in love with him, but I am now
in college and it's been a long distance relationship that's
been tearing us apart. I know it's time to move on... but it
nearly killed me to see him cry. This is a very hard time
for me, but I felt new strength as soon as I opened my
christmas present from my sister: a white hat.
We went to go see "A Night at the Museum." We saw one woman
wearing a white hat. We smiled, but she didn't look at us.
Oh well. It was still invigorating...the thought that
SOMEONE was there, feeling how we were feeling. I also wore
the present HE gave me for Christmas - a ring. I put it on
my pointer finger, but as the theatre darkened, I slipped
the ring onto my ring finger. And that's when I knew he was
with me, still.
He just texted me, wishing me a merry christmas. Thank you,
WHP!! This is the best christmas ever. :)

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Subject: Sightings!

This past weekend I went to the movies with a friend of mine. Since I wasn't technically by myself, I wore a white headband instead of a white hat. As I was standing in line I saw the back of a man's head - and he was wearing a white hat! I nearly fell over with excitement! Unfortunately, I'm a very shy person, so I didn't approach the man, you know, stranger danger and all, ha. But the entire time I was watching Happy Feet I couldn't stop thinking about how excited I was to see another white hat person.
And to the person who wrote from Romeoville/Bolingbrook - I am only a short ways away, in Aurora, but I will be in the Bolingbrook/Willow Springs area visiting family from the 30th-1st. I will definitely go see a movie while I'm there, wearing a white baseball cap that says "SPQR - Roma" on it. I'll be looking for you. :)

-white hatter in Aurora, IL

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Subject: Birthday Story
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006

My birthday was yesterday, the day after Christmas. It's hard having your birthday around this time because everyone is still fussing over the holidays. But this year i made it a point to not expect anything amazing and to enjoy every second of my day. I decided I wanted to see DreamGirls for my day with my mom, sister and aunt. It wasnt until the middle of the movie that I realized i was wearing my new white headband given to me by my best friend. She has no idea about this group -- yet, but her gift of the white headband was the most amazing one. Even though I was at the movies with people, knowing I was wearing the white symbol gave me strenght and a feeling of "i'm ok. we are all amazing". There was actually another girl seeing the same movie who was wearing a white headband. Maybe she too was participating in the amazing white hat movement, maybe not. But its nice to know we are all in this together. By the way, this birthday was the most amazing yet.

--Love from California.

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Subject: random comment
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006

The backstory is, someone went to the movies alone, and decided that they would wear a white hat when they went alone. It iturned inot a global phenomenon. It started here, at and now it is more about knowing about PostSecret than it is anything else. So, basically, I want a white hat. Just, if nothing else, to feel like a part of something really special. Ead the stories and you’ll see what I mean. There is nothing else like PostSecret or the WhiteHatters.”

I sent this e-mail to my Mom. I really would feel special, every day. I’m going to start wearing a white hat to school everyday, so if there are any other white hatters in Bellevue , WA , then… I guess I’ll see you there. I’m so excited!!

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Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 19:01:26
Subject: a forum?

I know WHP is vague and that's part of the fun. But what if we could all get together? or at least some of us... let's face it you ever want to back out all you have to do is take off a hat. I'd love to know if there were people in my city doing this, even if I never met them. Incidently it's Liverpool, UK. anyway, something to throw out there. I wore my white hat last friday, I was with friends but I looked long and hard for another... I didn't see anyone, but I hope someone thought about WHP when they saw me.

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While I have never been to the movies alone, there have been times that I wouldn't have had anybody to go with. However I could never work up the nerve to go to the movies alone. Those who have the courage to go to the movies alone, I respect you, and I wish I could be half as brave as you are.

I can thank you all also because you have made me see that if one day I have no one to go to the movies with that I could do it and I would do it with a white hat on in hopes that maybe we could run into one another and discuss the movie afterwards. Your stories have given me hope and they have made me happy. I never would have though that reading stories from people I have never met could have such an impact on me, but I now wait for the next update on here to see who has met someone new, who has made a new friend, and who has maybe met the person they will fall in love with.

So once again thank you...I'm going to the movies tomorrow night with my friend, and I will be looking for someone in a white hat and I will be looking for you from now on.

Orlando, Florida
Sunday, December 24, 2006
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Subject: white hat= hair cut

this doesnt sound like a whole lotbut when i bought my new hat for last weekendi realized it didnt look right with long hair.solution? i finally got the nerve to cut off 8 inches[which i had been dying to do but too afraid to]and i dont think i would have had the initiative to do itwithout the white hat project.i feel like a new person, so thank you.there is so much good coming from thisthat exceeds more than just meeting great people and self liberation.

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I'm going this Saturday. And I am SO excited!

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Subject: Another white hatter from Tokyo
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006

I've only recently started reading postsecret, but as soon as I saw the white hat people blog, it instantly made me feel better about the world, and about people in general. I read it religiously now ... it never fails to give me a warm feeling, knowing that such a simple thing can bring so many people together. And I saw the email from the person in Tokyo, and although I've only been in Japan for a few months and haven't gone to the theaters yet, I plan to go during the holidays (not being able to go home this Christmas) .. I don't own a white hat yet but I'm determined to buy one. I might be with a friend but if you see us, please say hi! :)

~from Tokyo

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I'm going to the cinema with my friends tonight, & as much as I've tried to find something white, I'm wearing all black, & I'll probably end up wearing my black coat aswell. I'm excited because since the whp site began; going to the cinema has seemed like so much more than I would usually say its worth. and I can't wait to get there. I'm hoping that there'll be someone else from Belfast going to the cinema tonight. & if they see me, say hello.- A.

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Subject: white bandannas
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006

dear white hatters,

for the longest time, i've always felt alone when with a company of friends and peers. some people say i'm a loner; some people say i'm a freak. but i'm not, really. i just don't think that that group of friends is right for me.

they're mainstream, and i bob along in tiny patches of water, trying to find my river, or my stream. maybe even my ocean.

but last week i felt brave enough to try something. i took some white cloth off from an old pair of leggings i have and made a white bandanna. i wore it to the store, and i think people noticed. i wasn't particualarly preoccupied with it as i was comtemplating hair colors in the hair color aisle at the meijer we live by.

this week i dyed my hair. its not permanent, it stays in for a month then washes out. its this deep red, and i feel new and bright. its really a strange feeling, but i feel beautiful. most of my "friends" are out this holiday, doing whatever. ignoring me, mostly. but i manage to keep in touch with people when i can, when i want to.

i'm just wondering if there are any white hatters/bandannas out in romeoville, il. or in bolingbrook. it doesn't matter; i'm just wondering. i think i need an e-mail pal or something to keep me busy. someone out here to spring my hope. sorry i'm writing from aol, i hope you don't mind. you guys can keep my e-mail up on the website if you want.

i may not go the movies a lot, but i walk alone a lot.
i will be wearing my white bandanna. i'll salute you if i see you.

- a white bandanna in illinois

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Subject: Re: white hats at Christmas

To the Lewisville, TX theatre worker. I will be attending a movie that
night, to get away from the family. Sometimes you just have to get
away. I will make it a point to attend what I believe to be the
theatre you are working at. If I see you good, if not, I'll still get
to have the experience of going to a movie alone. Should be
fun...(now I've just gotta find a white hat, as mine is torn up)

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I'm mad because I don't get to celebrate christmas on my and my boyfriend's anniversery...for that matter, I'm mad I don't even get to spend it with him!! but at the same time...I realize it means I get a chance to go out for a White Hat Night tomorrow instead! In a way I don't even care about our plans being ruined...I'm so excited!!See you there, New Hampshire!

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Last Saturday I was sitting at the University feeling very tired after some long weeks of hard work, and no social life. I thought of thewhitehatpeople and decided to go to the cinema whether I had someone to go with or not. Turned out that I didn't go alone as a friend joined me and I also didn't have time for buying a white hat, but I did see a glimpse of someone with a white hat and am now full of hopes that the concept of white hats have reached Trondheim, Norway. I'll try again in January. See you there?

----Email Message----
Subject: limited to Saturdays?

Are the White Hatters expected to only hit the theatres on Saturdays? Or is it all week? It's tough for me to make it out on a Saturday evening, but easier during the weekdays. It would seem like a loss if we missed each other while waiting for Saturday. - California -

Re: limited to Saturdays?
While most White Hat activity is happening on Saturdays that should not stop anyone from wearing their White Hat on a different night. And it doesn't have to just be to the movies. You can wear it anytime you feel moved to do so! Hopefully if you do you'll get spotted by somebody who knows what its all about. :)

And everyone should remember, even if you see someone without a white hat or meet someone who is unaware of the White Hatters doesn't mean that they would mind having a conversation with you. You could make someone's day a little brighter by stopping to talk to them. Whp is not really club it's more of a movement to help us connect with people we otherwise might never meet.


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Subject: alone at the movies...
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006

First of all, I absolutely love the whole idea behind the white hat people. It's really a great way to feel connected to so many people out there. So, I'm going to go to Wal-Mart (Yes, I'm endorsing a semi-evil corporation.) and purchase a white hat. Then, I'll make my way to the local movie theater for a late afternoon showing of The Holiday because I'm in the mood for a chick flick and I just don't feel like seeing A Night at the Museum or any sports movies right now. I'll probably sit in the middle of the theater and I'll keep my eyes peeled (What an odd expression!) for fellow white hatters. Who knows? I might just meet an interesting person or two. I really hope to see some other loners out there. Personally, this won't be my first time going to a movie without company. I enjoy going alone, but it took that infamous postcard and its responses for me to realize that maybe I should talk to the other loners out there. Thank you for the inspiration!
---Northern New Jersey

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Subject: tonight
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006

I've bought my hat;
I've saved up for my ticket;
I'm going tonight.
Friday, December 22, 2006
I hope that plenty of you get a chance to go to the movies on Saturday, and I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. Thank you all again for sharing your stories. Being a part of the White Hat Stories has made this Christmas season extra special. I know it will be a busy weekend, but I'm going to wear my white hat all weekend, and I'll be thinking of you.

----Email Message----
I have been searching for him all my life. The music-lover, high-top wearer, & super sweet guy. & now, I wish for him to wear a white hat. I cant wait to meet him.

Look for me in my white headband, middle of the very back row in Champlin , MN . It was meant to be.

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Subject: A story

I woke up Saturday morning and read the whitehat blog. Suddenly wantednothing more in the world than to go to theatre in a white hat. But nomoney. And no hat.

So I went to Target and bought a $1.99 white hat. Ugly little thing,but it's white. Went to the matinee (do matinees count?) because itwas cheaper.

Saw one guy in a white baseball cap drive by as I entered the theatre.I stared at him, wondering if he was a white hatter. He looked backand smiled-- but I don't know if that's because he was a white hatteror because he thought I was checking him out.

No white hatters inside. Not suprising, because there aren't manypeople at a Saturday afternoon matinee to begin with. And the moviewasn't all that great.

Despite the lackluster first-time experience, I can't wait to try itagain. It was thrilling! Maybe I can save up a few more dollars and goon a Saturday night. Dayton, Ohio-- you need to get out your whitehats and see more movies, I think. :o)

--The One With the Bright Pink Line Around the Bottom ofHer White Hat.

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Subject: First time loner

I went to the movies this weekend alone which is something I haven't done since I was a teenager, about a decade ago. I looked for other White-hatters and didn't see any but I hope they are out there somewhere. I hope one day I'll meet another like myself.

I have to say that going to the theater alone was wonderful! I encourage others to do it. I wouldn't have gone at all if it wasn't for this blog.

I'll be looking every Saturday morning for others like me in Tampa, FL.

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Subject: white hats at Christmas
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:48:06 -0600

I work at a very small movie theater in Lewisville, TX with very few customers and i usually work Saturday afternoons rather than evenings, so I have not yet had a white hat encounter. However, I will be working 5:30 - close on Christmas Day. My family lives in Austin and most of my friends from school have gone home for the break, so it's been a pretty lonely Christmas season so far. It would certainly be a great Christmas present to see a white hat or two, and to know I'm not as alone as I feel.

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Subject: who knew a hat could change the world
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 23:40:59 -0500

i have missed the first two white hat saturdays what with finals to study for then mom wanting to spend the evening with me but today (i know its is only Wed and not Saturday) i wore my white hat all day and it was great, i didn't met anyone but i didn't really expect too but it was nice knowing that it was okay for me to be out all on my own and everyone was extreamly nice to me where ever i went. I even saw a movie this afternoon and sat proudly in my white hat though one of my favorite movies. i just want to thank the people that started this for what they have done and to prove that there is still some good in this world because sometimes it just feels like everyone hates each other over the stupidest things and in the end we are all just lonely people who just want to meet someone new and start up a conversation, maybe learn something about ourselves while talking to them and now, because of the white hats, those people who feel the same way can find each other all the easier. Thank You

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Subject: thank you
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 14:42:00 -0600

I live in a very small town so I didn’t see the point of even trying to go to the movies closes to me because...there was no way I was going to be able to see even one whp. I guess it was because the people that know about whp are my friends...and that wasn’t exciting enough for me, so I decided I wasn’t going to even try, but yesterday I went to the bookstore where I purchased my first Postsecret book, and was looking for the newest one. I found it finally, and I look inside and the first thing I notice is the missing stickers from the book, so I look around on the covers and the pages, and found everyone of them randomly placed among the book…I started feeling so many emotions, it was crazy. Right there in the middle of the isle I started crying, but it wasn’t just because I knew someone had looked at this same book and had probably felt many of the same emotions, it was because I knew there were other people, other than my friends, who read Postsecret, just as much as I do. I felt like nothing could make me fall again, Nothing could ever take this feeling away because I knew there was someone close to me, someone who felt the same as me, maybe even someone who feels emotional attached to Postsecret like me. I guess it does seem like maybe this person ruined the book, but in my heart they just made me feel like someone cared for me again. Thank you for doing that. I don’t even know you and I have already begun to love you. You are truly amazing. Oh! And this Saturday I’ll be at the late show looking for you. : ]


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Subject: Waiting with a White Hat

After reading through so many of those, I realize that there are many more out there other than myself that go to movies alone. At times, I go for the movie, and other times I go just to see if anyone random will say "Hello!" to me. Only once has someone said something to me, and all I did was say "Hello!" back.

I am not sure what the next movie I will see is, nor which theater I am going to see it in, but wherever it is that I go, and whichever one I choose to view, I will be waiting...

Waiting with a White Hat

--- Layton, Utah

----Email Message----

First off I want you to know that what you have done,, bringin all these people together, is amazing and truely beautiful. I would also like to say that people need to stop worrying about what other people think. Who cares if you go to a movie alone, people are going to be paying attention to the movie not weither or not you're sitting with someone. I am 15 and I live in Vegas, my parents wont let me go to the movies alone, I have to go with friends. I envy you who have the oppourtunity to do this and if you have the opportunity and the want to do this, then do it!
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
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Subject: Add on India.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 03:48:16 -0800

I'm an ex-pat American and read postsecret long before I moved here and will long after I've left. I've also gone to movies by myself for years. Not often, but as a constant traveller and an occasional spoiled brat (I want to
see what I want to see), it has been known to happen. I love those moments of solitude, wrapped up in the darkness and a communal activity whether or not you're with others. In many ways, it's like the Internet. I know
you're all out there. I may never meet you. But every Sunday thousands of you are sharing in one of my most favorite activities. I take comfort in that unity, especially in the divisive times we live in.
It's almost impossible to be alone in my newly adopted, wonderfully choatic country. And movies are no different. The movies are almost always sold out and everyone talks through the entire movie anyway. If I did want to speak to someone, I could easily start up a conversation and, in minutes, they would probably invite me over to supper. It's what happens when people truly believe that a guest is god. I'm sure there are lonely people
here, like everywhere, but I'll be wearing white the next time I go to feel closer to all of you on this page. I already live in a society where starting up a conversation with a stranger is utterly and completely natural.
Thanks to all of you for trying to bring that idea to the rest of the world.


----Email Message----
Subject: White hats in Alaska!

I always travel alone yet I always have the best conversations with
random strangers. I've just figured it out: It's because I've always
worn a white hat :) So to anyone flying from Seattle to Anchorage on
Sunday, I'll be in a white hat and would love to chat!

----Email Message----
Subject: Silver City Polo Park
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 17:07:52 -0600

I just read the message signed from a White Hatter in Winnipeg,
Manitoba. I just passed by the Silver City Theatre a little while ago while leaving a Christmas shopping expedition. I thought of the White Hat people. I thought of what it might be like to walk in with a white hat and wondered if I might see another. Somehow though, the White Hat people seemed like part of another universe, maybe because of the vastness of the internet, maybe because Winnipeg seems so far away from all the other places mentioned on the website. In any case, coming home and reading that letter was a wonderful thing because it brought home the fact that we are all searching for something or someone, and even though I can feel isolated, the mention of something familiar was a welcoming feeling. To the person who wrote the orginal Silver City Polo Park letter: thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in what I feel in this cold, cold city of ours! Perhaps one day we will meet.

----Email Message----
I am going to germany in a week & stuffed into my super-tightly packed suitcase is my favorite white hat. I don’t know how many people know about this over there, but maybe I will make a new friend when I watch a film by myself in my white hat, in Muenster , Germany . See you there.

----Email Message----
Subject: Id like to join :)
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 01:17:38 +1100

I saw the postcard that began this movement. It and it's reply made me tear up and smile (I still have it up on my blog). And before the week was out i couldn't help laughing when i saw the message advertising thewhitehatpeople movement. The internet has so many flaws but it's things like this that give me so much hope and make me love it to no end.

I guess going to be movies alone is society's own little secret. Few are willing to do it, and even when we do it isn't as satisfying as it could have been. I've always been a little too independent not to do things because none of my friends would. I've actually spent a fair bit of my life alone, doing what i wanted. It's not so bad, there's a certain freedom and peace than comes with it. But there are also so many times when you can feel JUST how alone you are and wishing beyond anything that there could be someone with you. (And yes it does hurt a lot and i cry too...)

And even i'm not always brave or determined enough to go see a movie on my own. I have stalled and put it off and nearly missed watching a movie i really wanted to see. But there is something i just cant do on my own: Go to a bar. Being only 18 i feel conspicious and uncomfortable being there alone.

... I dont have a white hat. But i do have a big, bright white flower- with white feathers at the edges and a yellow center, i bought a long time ago. The next time i intend to go to the movies alone (or maybe even somewhere else for that matter) i'll be sure to put it on. If you see me please, PLEASE come up to me. Regardless of your age, who you are i'd be glad for the company. Maybe we could get a coffee... Or go for happy hour at a bar? :)

I do have a very light blue CottonOn baseball cap i reserve for bad hair days which i may wear too... :P

Joining the ranks,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

----Email Message----
Subject: Thanks to the WHP

Dear Becky-
Earlier today I started dwelling on the fact that this guy that I really care about is in a relationship with another girl. I started feeling like it was the end of the world and no one else was ever going to take his place until I remembered the white hat people. The white hat people reminded me that I'm not alone in the world. There are so many people out there and there are so many opportunites to meet them and make new friends and connections. I started feeling a lot better. I haven't had the chance to take part in wearing a white hat and going to the movies on a Saturday night but I still feel, no I KNOW that there are plenty of opportunities and people out there for me to meet. I just want to thank every person out there that goes out and wears a white hat Saturday night.
-Single but not alone in PA

----Email Message----
Subject: White Hats (Good thing my subject lines are specific, eh?)

I saw The Secret on the Friday after it was posted. This was also a week after I finally managed to work up the courage to tell the guy that I've liked for years how I feel about him, only to find out that he didn't feel the same way. I saw the secret and all the replies, and I was so excited that the next day was Saturday. I had my entire day planned around going to a movie by myself. Unfortunately, I'm a procrastinator and had to spend the entire night working on a project. So I vowed to go yesterday, but I had family in town so it didn't work out. But next weekend, no matter what, I will be going. I'm going to go buy a white hat this week, and I'll probably even wear my white sweater just in case. So if anyone in Omaha, Nebraska is seeing Eragon this Saturday, I'll be there too.

----Email Message----
My friend and I are both avid readers of PostSecret, and subsequently, we have become devoted followers of the White Hat People. This week we both arrived home from college, and we decided that we wanted to go to the movies with our white hats. Unfortunately, I had to work late on Saturday; however, we still went to see The Holiday, but we had to go to the last showing of the evening. As expected, we did not see anyone else in a white hat at the theatres, but we had an interesting conversation on the way out. As we were walking to our car, a girl in the parking lot turned around and commented to us that it had been a good movie. Since she was not wearing a white hat (or any white at all, for that matter), we did not realize that she may have been a follower of the White Hat People as well until we were well on our way home. So, if you’re out there reading this, sorry we didn't continue the conversation!
We're looking forward to going to the movies with our white hats again next Saturday (as long as I don't have to work), and we hope to see some of you there!
- Brandon , Florida

----Email Message----
Subject: once or twice

For years and years I was afraid to see a movie by myself. I was a loner in grade school, and never went to movies...Then in highschool when I could drive, every weekend I got a chance I went to movies with friends. But never alone. Then in 2005 after going off to college, I got up my nerve and went to V for Vendetta by myself. It was one of the most liberating experiances of my life. Not only was the movie rated R (I wasn't even carded) but I was able to sit in my favorite spot (behind the bars on the left in the front row). Since then, I've been to several movies by myself and I love every minute of it. Movies have always been a way for me to get away from reality and my life, and going to them alone has only intensified that feeling for me.

When I heard about the white hat ppl on Post Secret... I was sad. I couldn't figure out why ppl wouldn't want to go to movies by themselves since I'd enjoyed it so much. Well, I've discovered that maybe I will join you...although I dont quite understand...I wouldn't mind knowing that I have company or being that company myself. So when I go home for Christmas Break I'm going to go to a movie by myself, possibly Eragon or Apolcalypto, wearing a white sweatshirt, hood up. If you see me, sit by me, or say something afterwards...If you like to talk a bit during movies, I'm your gal. Don't be shy...
- Loving Alone in South Dakota

----Email Message----
Subject: just another thank-you
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 19:11:19 +0100

Dear Becky
I really just wanted to let you know that I (too) truly appreciate the idea. I haven't yet had i chance to go to the theatre and the next weeks will be floded with exams and christmas. But i've made a plan to go on december 30th. I can't wait. I have never gone to the movies alone and always thought my sister (who's done it a few times) was a bit wierd. Thanks for showing me i was wrong:-) As i live in a rather small country and postsecret is not very commenly known here i will look for other white hats in the theatre. I feel sure that i will enjoy the movie even more than i would have with a friend. I will be proud to sit there with my white hat on.
-A white hatter from Denmark
Saturday, December 16, 2006
----Email Message----

Tonight Eragon comes out in theatres, and I can't imagine how packed SilverCity Polo Park is going to be. I was supposed to see it with friends. I was going to wear my white fedora. But my plans were cancelled when my mom caught the flu, and I'm going to look after her. They're still going, of course.

I was a little disppointed to say the least. It was supposed be the first of many nights I would be a white hatter (even if I had friends to go with. it wasn't about that it was meeting someone like me). Lucky I caught D online before his shift at work ended and he would be offline. I asked of only one favour. He was to look through the movie theatre and tell me if anyone was wearing a white hat or headband. It was all I wanted, and it was all I wanted to know. For him to do so would mean so much. But the man he is typed to me one other thing.

"Should I pass along a message if there is?"

And I stopped to think about what I would do-- what I would say-- to another white hatter. Not much. I've never said much in my life. So I told him, "Just say 'hi'. And I wish I could have been there, too."

Because if there's only one white hatter left in those audiences, they would know that they're not alone. I am there, too. But what if there aren't any other white hatters? Well then... that's okay, too.

And tonight, though I'll be home all night, I'll still wear my white fedora.

-- The White Hatter in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

----Email Message----
Subject: Sombreros Blancos
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 06:14:06 +0000

When I saw the postcard and it's replies, I got a warm feeling inside. I've gone to the movies a couple of times by myself, but mostly because I was angry or frustrated and I wanted to be somewhere alone where nobody would look at me.

I usually use going to the movies as an excuse to hang out with my friends. But from now on each time I'm there I'll be looking out for people with white hats and knowing I'm also watching the movie with them. Maybe if I find the courage I'll invite you to hang out with us, grab a coup of coffe and talk about the movie we just saw.

Maybe I'll get the courage to go see those movies my friends never want to see by myself.

I'll be looking for you in Mexico City.

----Email Message----

Subject: to the girl sitting in the middle of the back row

within the last few months i have confided to my friends that i am a lesbian.though i'm not out, it was a relief to tell them. and i was lucky enough that nothing changed, if anything, it did for the better.

i do not care who your friends are, but they were wrong to stop talking to you since.

now, every movie i see, whether alone or not, i'll think of you.

- a friend in the top row, last seat on the left.

----Email Message----
Subject: More countries!

I read Postsecret every week, and I loved the white had idea. This Saturday I am going to the movies, just to be able to wear a white hat! That, and I get to buy a white hat! I aboslutely love the idea, because, as another reader pointed out, it makes me more of an active participant in this social movement than just an onlooker!

So, people in Stockholm Sweden, look out, for my white hat and I are going to the movies!

----Email Message----
Subject: White Hats.
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 22:48:29 +0000

Since Monday, there's a woman that gets my bus that wears a white hat.
I don't know whether to talk to her or not.
She might be one of the many people who thinks that annoying schoolkids
just out to make a fool of her.
Or she might be in the minority that doesn't.
I'm not confident enough to ask her, I haven't heard of anyone else in
Ireland ever read any PostSecrets.
If I was right; maybe she'll read this & say something to me :]

----Email Message----


Although I have not yet had a chance to go to the movies in a white
hat, the stories that you post on here insire me to actually put myself
out there and put my hat on and sit alone and hope someone else is there.
I am having a very hard time lately because I have lost a lot of the
people that were close to me. I feel so alone even when surrounded by
other people. I also have to deal with my fiance being in the Marines and
being half way around the world from me. It is great to know that I am
not the only one who is alone for one reason or another. So thank you
to the person who sent their secret into post secret, thank you to the
person who started this group, and thank you to the people who have
taken the courage to go out there and then come home and share their
stories. One day soon I will be waiting at the movies and looking for someone
wearing a white hat.
~Orlando, Fl

----Email Message----
I have been in two relationships in the past two years. I've always wanted someone to send me flowers but they never did. I've never done anything alone, because I'm scared of what people will think. I read PostSecret every sunday and when I saw the blog for white hat people, it finally gave me enough confidence to buy myself a bouquet of flowers (with white roses-my favorite) and I will be going to the movies this saturday by myself wearing a white hat. Thank You

-hull, quebec, canada

----Email Message----
Subject: only...
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 21:18:26 -0500

Two more weeks until I can finally go to the movies in a white hat.
I can't wait. It's marked off on my calendar and everything!

----Email Message----
Subject: Hi from a White Hatter in Japan
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 15:03:45 +0900

I'm a regular visitor of PostSecret and ever since the post showed up on the site I've been following all the White Hat stories. I think this whole movement is amazing.

Since Japanese people are shy and we don't really have this custom of chatting with strangers, in a movie theater or anywhere, I think this White Hat thing would never really catch on in my country, but I'm sure there
are people out there who've been silently following the stories just like me, and think it would be great if only some of *us* could meet and say "Hi" someday against all odds. That's why I decided to speak up here, and
also I wanted to let the world know that Asia is part of it, too.

I'll be going to a movie wearing a white hat on Saturdays whenever I've
got a chance. My location is Tokyo, Japan:)

----Email Message----
I have never gone to the movies alone. And I am too afraid to. I sit at home alone rather then go to the movies alone, just sitting instead of going anywhere hurts, it's petty and pathetic and I'm so pathetic for saying it, but it just hurts. I just feel sad, all the time, I don't know why I don't just go to the movies. Comfort myself with the big screens and the solace of the dark. Next Saturday I'll go alone. And the Saturday after that, I'll go alone. And I think I just might buy a white hat, and who knows. Maybe then it wont just hurt, and I'll find someone else who cries too.
We've received stories from people all over the world! Every day the list keeps growing. Check it out:

United States
----Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Alabama, Washington, Georgia, North Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Massachusetts, California, Virginia, Louisiana, Alaska, West Virginia, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Maine, Delaware, New Jersey, New Mexico

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If your location isn't listed send in an email so we can add it to the list and keep it updated!
Thursday, December 14, 2006
----Email Messages----
Subject: White Hatters--err Headband
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 18:16:53 -0600
I went to the movies Monday night, and I've sortve been keeping tabs on The White Hatter peoples, well before I left, without thinking, I put on my white headband (which I bought Sunday because I thought it was cute), and didn't really give it much thought. After I put it on, I felt complete, oddly enough.

I went to the viewing stage and just as the lights die down, a guy comes in, wearing a white baseball cap, and makes a point to sit next to me. I didnt give it much thought, other than odd. Sometime during the movie, he ended up taking my hand in his, and I didn't pull away.

Afterwards we went and grabbed a bite to eat, later he asked me if I was a follower of The White Hatters, and I looked at him like he was crazy, realizing what he was talking about, I apologized. I said, yes, I haven't had a White Hatter expeirence yet, but I just did.

We're going to out on a date, Friday. I'm glad I didn't pull away from him, he might be who I've been looking for.

P.S. He said he wasn't sure if he'd approach me or not since it wasn't a hat I was wearing. White headbands will work too! I'm glad I bought it, I can't tell you why I did, but I just did. It was a aimless purchase, but aimless or not, it's proving to be a happy purchase none the less.

----Email Message----
Subject: Maybe I'll do it again

To all those White Hatters out thereYears ago I went to a movie alone. I had really wanted to go see this movie and my roommate planned to go with me. At the last minute she stood me up for a guy. I called a few other friends, but no one was available. I was so mad, I decided to go to the movies by myself. At first, I was self-conscious. I just knew everyone was going to be talking about me and how pathetic I was, but it turned out to be one of the best movie-going experiences I've ever had. It was so wonderful to be able to just sit back and enjoy a movie by myself. I haven't had a solo trip to the movies since, but now that I know there might be others out there, wearing their white hats, maybe I'll ditch my friends, buy a white hat and do it again! Thanks for the confidence

----Email Message----
Subject: Thanks

I check out the new PostSecrets every Sunday and for some reason I was drawn to look at it again before they changed for the next week...I saw the email posted about the whitehatpeople blog.While I have a roommate and a boyfriend, my roommate never wants to leave the house and my boyfriend is currently living in Canada for a short while, I'm terribly lonely and don't have many friends anymore. I hate going anywhere alone. It makes me feel terrible. My therapist says that I have to do it for 'me' time and so I can become more comfortable with myself. I wanted to say thank you for making this page and wanted to let anyone know that if you're a white hat person and in ND, even if you don't say 'Hi', I'm still looking forward to see you soon.-North Dakota

----Email Message----
I just moved to Chicago and I don't really know anybody. I have been trying to get the nerve to go to the movies by myself (because I love them and I don't really know anyone else with whom to go). I think I am finally ready, so when I get back from spending the holidays with my family, I'm going to buy a white hat and go to the movies. Hopefully I'll make a new movie buddy! :)
-Girl in the white hat and the big coat

----Email Message----
I don't have much friends, that's why I go alone to the movies. At first I felt embarrassed and sad about it; seeing all the couples and people who had their friends come with them. But now the movie theatre is a place where I want to go alone, I can dive in to the movie and forget all my worries. But sometimes it would be nice if I had someone who I could talk to about the movie afterwards.So, next time when I go alone to the movies on a Saturday I will be wearing a white hat. Hopefully someone comes and talks to me.
- Finland.

----Email Message----
I'm in Britain - North Wales, really, but my usual cinema is in England, as I live right on the border.

Going to the cinema alone had never even occurred to me.

Suddenly, it seems ridiculous that all those films I wanted to see that I couldn't find anyone to go to with, I just didn't see.

It'll be scary and difficicult, but maybe I'll go to movie alone. Maybe I'll buy a white hairband or something.


Thankyou for opening up such a beautiful thing.

----Email Message----
Subject: Meet?

Brit white-hat here. I'm another one who sort of thought going to a film alone said something not too great about the state of your social life. I've watched the white hat revolution take place on here with some incredulity, but it has made me smile this morning and that's not such a small thing. Looks like I'm off to rummage in my wardrobe for a white trilby I'd forgotten I had, and some time this week I'm going to go and see a film alone.

Actually, I'm weirdly excited. Seeing a film by yourself does say something about you, but I'm not sure it's a 'social life' sort of statement. This is a statement about me, and everybody else out there, who has made the choice to go and do something alone- because, whatever look the couples and gaggles of giggling girls shoot you as you ask for a single ticket to whatever it is you want to see, we're people with opinions, minds and thoughts of our own, we're validated by our own existence, and can be happy being by ourselves. That right there's no small thing.

It probably sounds strange, then, that I'll be wearing the hat at all; I'm happy to be alone. And I'd love to meet someone else who's happy to be alone, maybe sit on our own together in starbucks somewhere and work out why that is. Irony or oxymoron? Either way, we should meet each other. This thing looks like being legendary. Any other white hatters out there who might be able to wing their white-hatted way to Manchester, UK?

----Email Message----
Subject: thank you

I never do anything with my friends on the weekend, they are always
busy. i've always felt like a loser because of this, especially because
i'm still in high school and your supposed to hang out with your
on the weekend. I now know that i'm not alone. I'll be getting my
hat. I hope I see another white hatter out there, and we just smile at
each other knowingly and take comfort in the fact that we aren't alone.
-junior in high school.
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
(There are so many stories that I have received that I would like to post. I'm trying to pick a handful a day, but I want to post them all!)

----Email Message----
Every other Saturday evening, I'll be going out with a white hat on hoping to meet someone else with a white hat. I say every other Saturday because my boyfriend has band practice every other weekend. While he's with his friends, I'm going to try and meet new ones. I do love my boyfriend, more than anything. He's saved me from the worst dips into depression I've ever had. But it makes me sad to think that there are so many people I haven't had the chance to meet--just on a friend basis. So--look out for me New Hampshirites--I'll be out there next week looking for you.

----Email Message----
Subject: Thanks!

I love this.

Postsecret has always made me feel a part of something.

Now I feel like an active part in sometime.

I'm buying a white hat this week, and I'll be wearing it any movie I see from now on.

Love love love,

----Email Message----
Subject: It's amazing!!

HI!! I'm SO happy you started the page for white hatters. :D THANK YOU!!

I am not alone, in fact, I'm happily married. It surprises me though; the social stigma against going to the movies alone. I do it often while my husband works through the night and I can't sleep. I don't go looking for friends, or lovers, but to see a movie and spend a night enjoying the company of myself. Sometimes, I even talk to me. ;)

To those of you afraid to go, don't be. Revel in the time you get alone. There will always be people in your life. You are the most important one of them though. You're beautiful, and you should enjoy yourself.

I am, however, afraid of talking to strangers. People judge me before they know me, and I struggle to deal with that on a daily basis. Now, though, I might just find someone with a white hat in a theatre, and I'll ask them about you. I'll tell them about PostSecret, and now, I'll send them to you. :) White hats are beautiful things. Thank you for giving me an excuse to see past my fear and reach out to possibly make new friends.

_Minot, ND_

----Email Message----
Subject: White hat at the movies

My friends and I have always gone out to the movies on Saturday nights, that is, until I confided in them that I am a lesbian. Now they no longer speak to me. I haven't seen a movie since, but reading these letters has reminded that me that it's okay to go alone. I bought a white hat, and plan on going tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll see you there. If by chance we happen to see each other, don't be shy. Say hello. Maybe we'll get some coffee or hot chocolate, maybe we'll just smile and go on our ways. Either way, I thank you.

Sitting in the middle of the back row.

----Email Message----
Subject: This is awesome

I read PostSecret and check it during the week for updates and other heartwrenching notes that people leave. I saw this, and I'm honesly just amazed. This is so great. I love this idea. So here's my story:

The guy I love is in Iowa. I'm in Michigan. We're both huge fans of the book Eragon, and the movie is coming out next Friday (December 15). We planned on going to the show at the same time(we'll work that out), alone physically, but because we're going for each other, we're not alone. I don't have a white hat, but I think I'll find one just in case. Even if no one else is wearing a white hat (or I don't have the courage to approach them), I know that I won't be alone, and I'd like to thank you for making this site. Now, even more than before, we're never alone.

----Email Message----
Subject: to the white hat people in canada

my long term boyfriend left me recently for another woman with no explaination.

all i am left with are the memories and a broken heart.

lately i have been seeing more and more films alone, but the next time i go, i will be wearing a white hat.

i know that there must be someone out there who will realize that i am the one they too have been searching for, as i am already sick of crying myself to sleep at night.

you never know, he might have the same taste in film as i do. here's to hoping.

(...and thanks for providing the hope. i needed it.)

----Email Message----
I have always gone to the movies alone, though rarely on a busy, crowded & noisy Saturday night showing. I have always enjoyed going alone & preferred to do so as I love the experience of the movies. The only down side is not having someone to debrief with afterwards. I will look out for other white hat folk to chat with, have coffee with? and debrief with. Enjoy your new friendships everyone & God bless you all. See you there! Perth , Western Australia .

----Email Message----
Subject: my white hat
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 20:40:31 +0800

There are many movies I have wanted to see and not because friends haven't been interested in them. I feel lucky because usually I am surrounded by friends and family however in a way I feel I have missed out because I do not have the confidence to act on my own, when I have only me for company my usual bubbly self is quiet and insecure. Sometimes I used to look at people at the movies on their own and think about how sad and lonely their lives must have been, now I realise I am envious because they have the confidence to face the world alone which I do not. I have only just recently started looking in shops on my own so it may take some time but one day I hope to get up the courage to go to the movies alone, I will be sure to wear my white hat with pride. I hope Australians out there read this so that maybe someone will see me and know what my hat symbolises because under my hat I will be feeling confident, independent and liberated.
----Email Message----

Hey Becky-

Thanks for starting this site. I went to the movies on Saturday (witha boyfriend..) wearing a white hat and saw FIVE other people wearingwhite hats. I was amazed. They were all by themselves. I didn'thave to ask them if they visited postsecret. We exchanged nods and weall understood. I got shivers connecting with someone I've neverspoken to.

To those five

-you changed my life.

-Sarah, Indiana.
Monday, December 11, 2006
----Email Message----
Subject: My Secret
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 03:42:21 +0000

Hi Becky,

You don’t have to post this if you don’t want to, but I just want to tell you that I sent in that secret. I’ve been checking “thewhitehatpeople” ever since the link came up (thank-you!), and I feel so overwhelmed by the number of people who can relate to what I wrote. I’ve always loved movies and have been going to them by myself since high school (I’m in university now). I tell people that I don’t mind going to them alone, and that’s the truth. But deep down, I feel a little sad every time I exit the theatre alone with no one to talk to about what I just saw.

When the person replied on PostSecret about the white hats, I just sat at my computer screen and cried. I want to say thank you to that person for showing me I’m not alone.
I wore my white hat tonight and went to see Apocalypto, but unfortunately I didn’t see another white hat in the crowd. I hope that wasn’t the case for everyone else.

Maybe next Saturday…

----Email Message----
I went to the movies last night with friends to go see holiday. As soon as we got to the ticket line, I made sure I looked for someone who had on a white hat. no one. I walked inside and stuck my head out, still, no one. we got inside and it was crowded, definitely a date movie. during the movie I left for the bathroom and when I walked back in, one person had on a white hat. I thought I'd approach her and ask if she knew about postsecret and she did.

in about 2 weeks we're coming to the movies with white hats on, looking for another white hat :-)

----Email Message----
I went to the movies this evening, and though I don't have a white hat...

I was searching for someone who did. I didn't see anyone there, but it was a comfort to know that across the country, or, rather, the world, there were others out there feeling much the way I did. Perhaps the white hat people should make this a more common event.

I think that there's a little bit of white hat in all of us...and there's something to be said for solidarity.

--White Hats of New Jersey

----Email Message----
i just got back from the theater. i didn't see any other white hats, but i'll be looking again next week.

----Email Message----
As I was sitting at home alone earlier, I remembered this blog. I checked it earlier in the week, but in getting caught up with my life, forgot to check it again until around the time both my brother and my dad went out for the night. I sat, reading the stories over and over again, and more than anything I wished that I could go to the movies, wearing my white hat.

Instead, I had my friend call me, a friend that I hadn't talked to in far too long. She and I talked for hours about just everything under the sun, anything we could think of. I laughed, I cried, but most of all I talked to someone that I care about, and that I know cares about me, and I felt like I had a friend again. It's not exactly the movies, but it works.

And I was wearing my white hat.

----Email Message----
i was reading a few of the notes people left on the new blog site and, on a whim, asked my roommates if one of them had a white hat i could borrow. i second guessed my decision all the way to the theatre at the tallahassee mall, especially when i arrived and saw how busy it was tonight. still, i went inside, bought my ticket, and sat down in the front by myself to watch the holiday. i saw lots of white hats, but no one else seemed to be alone. that's okay though, because the movie was great and it was exactly the kind of therapy i needed. i left the screening proud, smiling, and with a somewhat lighter heart. here's to many more white hat movies in the future - no longer do i fear braving the theatre alone.

----Email Message----
I went out tonight. I kept my hat in my pocket, but I sat next to someone else who was there alone and we talked about the movie during the intermission. I didn't get around to asking her about postsecret and she didn't mention it either, but we connected, and isn't that the point? Two ships passing in the night...?
Capital Region, New York

----Email Message----
Today, I went to the movies. Things have been stressful because of exams, and I wanted to get some stress release. When I sat down in the back corner, I spotted someone else wearing a white hat. I was so excited, but I didn't want to bother him. After the movie, I hurried to that person's side and asked them if they knew of PostSecret or the White Hat Stories. Amazingly, he said yes!

We're going to have a cup of coffee on Tuesday, right after his exam.

----Email Message----
I am a long way from home and i was feeling a little overly lonely yesterday afternoon. my eyes happened to pass by a calender, and my whole body lit up. it was saturday, and i was going to go to the movies.

white hat perched precariously a top my head, i headed into the theatre..

although i saw no other white hatters... i was full of confidence, rather than wanting to shrink into the red plush seats.

thankyou thankyou thankyou

i'll try again soon.

with love,

----Email Message----

I went to Silver City Saturday night and even went really early just to see if anyone showed up (I sat at a table reading the in-house magazine). It's a massive theater though, so I didn't think I would spot anyone, especially the first Saturday of the White Hat People. I love going to movies alone, as there is no guilt or odd feelings if the other person didn't like the film and I did. I plan to go to the movies on a Saturday as often as I can with my white hat, now that I have a reason to go - if you see me, say hi!

Victoria, BC
First I want to say thank you to everyone. Thank you for your support, thank you for taking time to read the White Hat Stories, thank you for your emails. And thanks to all of you who donned your white hats and went out last night, whether you were alone or not. To those of you who did go alone, whether it was for the very first time or you’ve been doing it for years, I thank you and others thank you as well. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t see anybody else with a white hat. People all over the world were participating last night.

I wanted to tell you my story. Ever since I was about nine I’ve spent a lot of time alone. I have good friends now, not terribly many, and it hasn’t always been so. Once in a while I did feel lonely, but for the most part I’ve never minded doing things alone. Being alone meant that I could do as I please, that I didn’t have to put up with anyone, that no one would bother me. I’ve done many things by myself that some would never consider doing, gone to the movies, dined out, gone on vacation, had my own apartment, I’ve even gone camping by myself (which can scare anybody silly when there’s something moving around your tent at night!). For me being alone was liberating, relaxing. I know that isn’t the case for everyone. Some of you are terrified of being alone, others shun it because they feel the social stigma of being a ‘loner’. Now I have a chance to help others, and it has been a great honor that you’ve all joined the idea and allowed me to help. Thank you.

Some of you do go out and do things alone, but for those who don’t this is your chance to see how many others like you there are. It’s okay. We’re here to help all of you to have the confidence to do the things you want even if you have to do them alone. Maybe it will be going to a movie alone, or taking that vacation you’ve always wanted but haven’t found anyone to go with, maybe it’s joining a class on something you’ve always wanted to learn, or just taking a walk around town.

People have been asking “Can I wear a white hat on a different night?”, “Can we wear white hats to places besides movies?”, “Is it okay if I’m not single or going with my friend?”, “I didn’t get a chance to go, are we doing it again?”

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Feel free to wear your white hat any time and any place you wish, you never know who else might be out there waiting to see a white hat.
You don’t have to be single to participate, anyone can. Some of the younger people have said they’re not allowed to go to the movies by themselves yet, but both they and their friends would wear a white hat. Everyone should remember to be careful when going out by themself. Be smart, stay safe, and if possible let someone know where you’re going.
The plan right now is to make this a weekly event. Saturday evening is when people will be putting on their white hats and heading to the theatre.

I’m hoping we can keep this going, but the White Hat People need your help to do it. We need you to help spread the word, post a link, write about it your blog, tell others. If you have any thoughts or suggestions let me know. And most importantly keep going out with your white hat.


(I am currently reading through all your emails. I will have a post ready later today.) :)
Sunday, December 10, 2006
Here's a story I just recieved:

Subject: English white hat people connection!!!

As promised, went to the movies tonight, the Greenwich
Picture House in Greenwich, England, part of London
really. I wore a terrible white hat. Saw another one,
spoke to the wearer, Tom.
Turns out he never heard of postsecret, but he was
interested in the story. I got the comp from the car
and we repaired around the corner to Wetherspoon's,
which has free wifi. Tom called some friends, I logged
on, and we're having a postsecret/birthday party at
this very moment, courtesy of thewhitehatpeople!

Edit (Sun 12/10/06):
Subject: White hats in Greenwich, England
Dear White Hat People,

Linked through from Post Secret, and so pleased that this idea is taking off. I have never been to the cinema alone, but this has given me the confidence to go - JUST GO! - the next time there's a movie I want to see that no one else does.

I often receive free tickets from an online source and am forever bugging people to go with me - from now on, I'll post any time I have a spare one or two and hopefully another someone with a white hat would like to take me up on my offer...

My local cinema is also the Picturehouse in Greenwich, so I would love to hear more from the people who met there through the white-hat connection - or anyone else in the area!

Thank you for bringing people together!
Here are a few more messages I've received. I think that it's great that so many people are going out tonight (or have gone out already).

----Email Message----
Subject: Thank You.
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 14:01:19 -0600

I have checked the white hat blog every day since the link showed up.
Today I got on and found a blog of tons of emails of people going to
the movies. The postcard that was sent in to postsecret made me cry, as
I tend to go to movies alone all the time, whether its because I am
bored, or because no one else will go with me, I have gone to movies alone
for years. Even more so now that it is my senior year in high school
and all of my friends are going their own seperate ways. I don't think
I have cried so hard, in happiness, ever in my life. The past few
months have been crying of another kind for me.

I wasn't really sure if I were going to put on my white hat on and go
to a movie tonight. Now, I will. As I know I will on my first free
night when I move for college, as I will at least once a month, as long as
I have money. From now until I can't seem to get out of bed anymore.
The fact that there are so many people out there that reminded me of
why I love life, and why I choose to go out and enjoy it, was refreshing.
I had almost forgotten.

I'll see any other white hatters out there at 7 tonight.

----Email Message----
Subject: Lone Movie Goer
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 14:55:50 -0500

I used to think going to the movies alone was weird or meant you are a loser or had no friends. Then I started working at a movie theatre. I am a movie lover and could not always find someone to go with me. I know differently now.

The first time I sat alone in the dark movie theatre was because my best friends had become a couple. They no longer wanted me as a thrid wheel and they ditch me at the movie theatre. I don't even remember what film it was I saw, but I recall bawling my eyes out throughout the entire thing.

From that point on I learned a great lesson. I can survive going to the movies alone. Now not only do I survive it, I enjoy it. I go to movies by myself all the time.
It's liberating. I don't have to be dependent on other people. If no one else want to see a movie I am interested in, so be it; I still want to see it.

I will be looking for you others out there on Saturday night,
because maybe you were interest in a film no one else wanted to see
or maybe you got ditched by someone too.
Either way afterwards I'll treat you to a cup of something yummy if you will treat me to your thoughts on the film (& I have an ear ready to hear about those didn't show up.)

~ Redhead with the White hat, waiting in the center of the 5th row from the front.

Here's a story from France:

----Email Message----
Subject: Whitehatpeople in FRANCE!
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 14:15:45 -0500

Saw your idea, I was alone in Chateau Thierry, France- so I bought and
wore a chapeau blanc at the
movies. No response, but the idea has wings. I'll link to it when I get
Thank you!

----Email Message----
The White Hats

I've been checking the Post Secret pages for a little over a year and
finally, the white hats give an outlet to what I've been feeling for so
long. Inspite of two failed marriages and a beautiful daughter, I dont
know that I've ever even been in love and I still manage to go through
every day numb because I feel so alone. It's nice to know that Im not
alone. The closest thing to a white hat I own is an old college ball cap
which is less white than old but I now feel the urge to go to Walmart.
The other day I was in town feeling the urge to buy a tree for the
holiday's but I couldnt bring myself to. "Im alone, its just me, whats the
point". Today I believe I'll be buying a tree and rather than an angel
or a star atop the tree, I think I'll buy a white hat.
-Lost in SA

----Email Message----
Subject: I am.

I am a white hat person,

and I will be at the movies tonight.

My friends and I are going together, but we're all going to watch different movies and be alone in the theatres. When the movies and we're gather and hopefully have stories about other white hat people we met.

I hope it happens. I've wished on every eyelash, star and dandilion I've seen.

----Email Message----
Subject: as it turns out...
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 17:22:44 -0500

I've always been too scared to go to a movie alone, scared someone will think of me as odd or incapable of making friends. I've thought about it before though....
then recently I became engaged and the thought slipped my mind- as I was sure I'd never be a lone again. but, as it turns fiancé was sent last minute Friday to a job out of town and wont be returning until the AM on Sunday... I wanted to do this since the day I read it on the site- but we had elaborate plans for the weekend....
but my plans just changed...I went a bought a white head band. (hats don't look good on me) I'll buy the coffee, if you say hello.

----Email Messsge----
Subject: white hat

my fiancee left me this week, and i've never felt more alone. i pushed all my friends away long ago because all i thought i wanted was him. if you're in the metro detroit area, i'll be wearing my white hat. i'd really appreciate a friend.
Here are some more of your messages.

----Email Message----
Subject: inspiration

I don't wear hats, I don't even own any. But I might buy myself a white one. And even though I won't go to the movies alone as long as I have my boyfriend, I will remember this thing if I one day would end up alone in the theatre on a saturday. Hoping it'll stick around for that long. Hoping it reaches my country. You see, what you started here isn't US only, this will be worldwide.

Maybe I'll bring my camera to the theatre on a saturday, because even though I probably won't wear a white hat, chances are I'll see someone who does.

Maybe it's you.

----Email Message----
Subject: Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to create the "white hat people" blog!I have been going to movies by myself since 1998, and it is lonely and releasing all in one. I always feel like I am "less-than" as couples and groups of friends walk by me and stare, but who is going to take a fat girl to the movies anyway? At least I get to see the movies that I want. I have been really broke for a while now--I am finishing my Masters, so at least at some point I will have some money, but I sold plasma last night, and instead of groceries I think I just might throw on my white hat and hit up a movie today. Thank you so much for this blog, it is my inspiration!

----Email Message----
I am from England, and am a close follower of Post Secret.I am just emailing to say what a good idea the white hat is. But sadly it has not taken off in England yet, I'm not sure of post secrets English community, I've never looked into it I just read the secrets posted every sunday.I will be going to the movies next week, I'll be wearing my white hat but it's so sad that no one else in the cinema will know why I am motivated to wear it.

----Email Message----
Subject: Movie theater worker


I work concessions at a movie theater, and while I can't wear a hat during work, I will definitely keep an eye out for any white hatters, especially if they come to concessions. Hopefully I will have the nerve to say hi and "I like your hat" or something. If anyone knows what I mean by that, hopefully they will verify that with a smile and a comment so I know I haven't just made a fool of myself! I'm really excited to see if anyone in my area does this, though. I'm going to be keeping an eye out at work on Saturday (4-Close~).

Even as someone who actually works there...I feel the same way as the postcard creator. Thank you for creating this blog, it'll be really fun if this phenomenon does spread.

----Email Message----
Subject: Another e-mail of support

I just want to thank you for what you're doing here. I'm really lonelyon the weekend sometimes, but I don't go out, because I just feelpathetic. Maybe next time I'm lonely, I'll go out. And if I do, maybeI'll wear a white hat.

Thanks for reminding me that I'm okay.

----Email Message----
Subject: i dont know what to put as a subject.

i've been thinking about what to write to you for a while.and honestly, i still dont even know what to right.yet, i find myself sitting here at 12:34 in the morning, cryingmy eyes out. in probably the past 3 years i've maybe gone tothe movies with friends once. i've never had the courage togo out to places alone, because i think people may think ima freak or something. but knowing the rest of you are outthere, with your white hats, gives me a convidnce i never knewi had. tomarrow, im going to the movies alone. and im goingto proudly ware a white hat. maybe someone will talk to me,maybe they wont. but i know i'll be there. you'll never knowhow much this truly means to me.

the white hat people gave me the strength i needed.

----Email Message----
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 01:11:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you. For everything: strength, security,
in humanity. Just, thank you.

----Email Message----
i had planned all week to join the white hatters at the theater. i was even going to see the rocky horror picture show with a white hat on afterwards.

but my friends made plans for us that don't include any alone time for me.

i love them, but they suffocate me.

-----Email Messge----
I'm too young to go to the movies alone yet, so my best friend and I plan on wearing white hats to the movies together. I certainly hope that people aren't just going by themselves, and that the idea of going with a friend and both wearing white hats is helpful to people living in big/dangerous cities as I do.
-Missouri (Seriously. The cities are dangerous. Even in Missouri.)

-----Email Message----
Subject: white hat

im not going to the movies alone tonight.and i dont have a white hat.but if i see someone with a white hat on all alone, i'll feel a little better about this world.
Thank you to everyone who has emailed me, and thank you for all of your support. I apologize in advance for not being able to answer every email I get. I will be posting some more of your emails before I go out to the movies today. Before that I wanted to post the first story I've received. Since our friends in Australia are so far ahead of us in time zones they've already had their Saturday evening. A few people in Australia and England have said that they are going to be wearing white hats, too! I hope they do.

----Email Message----
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 20:48:58 +1100

I went to the movies with a group of friends earlier this evening. I wasn't wearing a white hat but I saw someone who was, so I told all my friends I'd catch up with them later. I asked the person as they were leaving whether they read postsecret or not and they said they did, so we spent a couple of minutes chatting about the movie as we walked out of the cinema. This made my night, knowing that someone else out there actually wore a hat to the movies on a saturday night, and they gave me the courage to do so as well should I be alone.

To my fellow white hatter: You know who you are- thanks for the gift noone else thought to give, and I hope I made your night just like you did mine.
Saturday, December 9, 2006

This is the postcard that started it all, first posted at PostSecret . Thanks to Frank.
This was the email sent in response that started the White hat idea.
-----Email Message-----
Sent: Sunday, December 3, 2006 8:22 AM
This Saturday evening I will be waiting for you too. This invitation does not mean that I want to do anything or talk during the movie. But when the darkness leaves the theatre, perhaps we will look into each other's eyes, smile, decide to get a cup of coffee and share a conversation over what we just saw.
-waiting with a white hat
::::People picked up on the idea of going to the theatre alone and wearing a white hat. Then others expressed intrest in hearing the stories of people who met each other. Thus this page was born, a little place where we can come to share our stories. Whether you have been to the movies alone dozens of times, or never tried it we invite you to join us. If you're going to the movies alone Saturday night wear a white hat and say hello. Or even if you have someone to go with, reach out to someone new. You never know what conversation will be sparked by making a new friend.
Here are a few of the messages from people who have been moved to help make White Hat Stories happen:
----Email Message----
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 5:52 PM
Subject: White hat at the movies
I'm a manager at a movie theater, so I tend to work on Saturdays. We're not allowed to wear hats at work, but I'm going to get a whileheadband and wear it every Saturday. Come say hi! Tell me about your movie, I would love to hear about it!
---Email Message---
Subject: White hats


I don't wear hats, but I do wear plain bandanas all the time, and from now on I'll me looking for people in white hats. I'll be wearing a white bandana.
----Email Message----
Subject: white hats..
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006
I have plenty of friends, and I get out to see them at least once or twice a week.But somehow, when I'm with them, I always feel alone.So maybe this weekend I'll wear a white hat.Thank you.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006
Subject: PostSecret: Sunday Secrets
if i were brave enough, i'd wear a white hat to the movies by myself. but the truth is, i'm not brave enough. i don't know if i ever will be. so forthe rest of you white hatters, i hope everything goes just as you want itto. let me know what happens!
i believe in all of you.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006
Subject: white hats
I just recently broke up with my boyfriend, so instead of going to a moviewith him tomorrow, I'll be going alone, wearing a white hat.
----Email Message----
Subject: White Hat Stories
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 17:40:13 -0500

Hi Becky,

Thank you for creating this Blog. I look forward to reading some stories after Saturday and seeing some pictures too. I am married but I talked my wife into letting me go to the Bethesda Row Theatres with a white hat on to say "hi" to any other white-hatters.

Be well,
::::Thanks all of you. I hope to see some of you out tomorrow night at the movies.
Friday, December 8, 2006
This page was started after reading the PostSecret page on Sunday, December 3rd. The secret that inspired it all said 'I take comfort in the darkness of the movie theatre, waiting for someone else to come alone, too. I know you're out there. Maybe some day we'll meet.'
To which readers replied:

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Sunday, December 3, 2006 8:22 AM

This Saturday evening I will be waiting for you too. This invitation does not mean that I want to do anything or talk during the movie. But when the darkness leaves the theatre, perhaps we will look into each other's eyes, smile, decide to get a cup of coffee and share a conversation over what we just saw.

-waiting with a white hat

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 8:10 AM
Subject: movies/white hats

i have a white hat that i don't like very much. but i'll be wearing it every saturday night i happen to be at the movies (alone). spread it around; if you're going to the movies alone, wear a white hat. if you see someone with a white hat, ask them how they are, and if they visit postsecret.

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 11:42 AM

Frank-You should ask the people who are going to wear white hats on Saturdays to email you about what happens. And then tell us too!


I thought it might be nice if all the White Hat People had a place to go to share stories, ideas, thoughts, whatnot. We'd love for you to send us your stories (and pictures too!). Snap a shot of a fellow White Hat Person, Show us who you met, Tell us what transpired.

I'll be wearing a white hat when I go to the movies alone on Saturday evening too. Pass it on, and say 'hello' if you see another White Hat Person.