Fri Jan 5
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Saturday, January 6, 2007
::::Still hoping to get some more pictures of white hats and the people who wear them. All the pictures sent in by Sunday will be posted in one big block on Monday. -Becky :)
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Subject: not alone

one of my close friends introduced me to the white hat movement and postsecret. i read the emails and just howled. i have felt alone for so long, especially now, because i'm in love with my best friend, and they are in love with me, but we are both married and the time has long passed and, barring some miracle, i will never be with the one i love. it makes me feel so, so alone.

but next saturday, i am going to the movies in a white hat. i will be alone, but in reality, i will be a part of all of you out there, sitting in the darkness in your hat, just one of the stars of this beautiful constellation.

thank you.

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My 18th birthday is coming up this month, and none of my "friends" (some of whom I have known since we were 12) invited me to their 18th birthday parties. So instead of throwing a party, I think I'm going to buy a white hat and go to the movies, because I would rather treat myself to a movie and possibly meet some new people than throw a party and invite a whole bunch of people to my 18th that didn't want me at theirs.

-liberating myself in Spokane, WA

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Subject: not just saturdays, not just cinemas...

I think I've just ruined my first chance at a relationship in well over a year, I finally caved, fell apart and cried on my bed. When I returned from the bathroom to wash my face, I smiled my white hat was on the corner of my bed. So now I'm typing this, teary eyed, wearing my white hat and feeling a little less alone. K, in the north west UK.

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Subject: my first.
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007

this saturday (december 30th) i went to the movie theatre for the first time in about 5 months. i borrowed a white beret from a friend and saw blood diamond with my boyfriend and my best friend, who wore a white headband for lack of a white hat. we didn't see any other white hat people there but the excitement of the possibility, the message of the film, and the company made the evening enjoyable, anyway.
as a freshmen in college, i have had to make a lot of adjustments this year and i have yet to really find my niche at school. i plan to wear a white hat around campus from now on, in hopes that someone else, who feels the
same, might see it, understand the significance, and find solace or, perhaps, a new friend.

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Subject: where do all the londoners go?

Hi, I'm a Dutch girl currently living in London. I
was just wondering which cinemas the whitehatters of
London go to. You might spot me at the Odeon in
Richmond. Ciao!

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and i plan to go to the movie
with my white hat
not neccesarily alone,
with my bestfriend/love interest
and maybe something will happen.

i mean, whp is magical
so maybe it will rub off.
im excited for tommorowwwww.

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Subject: whitehatter and lover of postsecret
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006

I apologize for not emailing Frank at PostSecret directly, because I do not have his email. And, I apologize for repeating the same things you have heard a million times. But I can not thank PostSecret enough for all that it does.

It is awesome to think that such a simple idea and small actions could bring so many people together and and make a positive difference.

Horrible actions manifest our everyday lives and it is rejuvenating to find a group with good intentions. It's a breath of fresh air in our often polluted world. We feel we are missing something, like something is wrong with us and we are completely alone. Then, when we find a group like this we hold on tight because this is what a positive influence feels like. It gives us hope in the human race again, and it is truly beneficial in our therapeutic realization that we are not alone. We are together in our feelings, reactions, and secrets.

Just as one anonymously admits a PostSecret, others are anonymously reading with compassion and empathy. In this situation both sides gain. The seed of PostSecret has grown into a steady tree which can only grow further affecting all those who see it or touch it.

I can't get enough of the value that encompasses PostSecret, it is addicting in a favorable way.

TheWhiteHatPeople is a definite bonus and an extremely meaningful branch off of PostSecret. I plan on looking for a white hat of my own, while also searching for the courage to wear it (maybe even by myself!) to a movie theater in NC.

Keep being awesome