Tue Jan 2
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Wednesday, January 3, 2007
::::Happy New Year!

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To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com
Subject: tonight

I went to see a movie tonight with a friend, but I made sure to look out for anyone in a white hat. I saw about four or five people, some who were by themselves and some who were with others. I'm not sure if they knew about WHP, but I made a point to smile at them, just in case. Normally I would hardly even glance at the people that I'm in the theater with, but the start of the White Hat People has really made me pay more attention to those around me. I think this could really help bring more people together....

- Baltimore, MD

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Subject: New Mexico
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2007

I go to college in Santa Fe NM and am back home on Cape Cod (massachusetts) for winter break. Maybe when I get back we'll someday spot eachother in a theatre.

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Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006

This movement is the most beautiful thing I've come across in a long time. I read the site today and apart from smiling at the pure beauty of it, I literally squeeled with excitment twice! Firstly because I saw that someone was from Chester. I'm from (very near) Chester. Secondly because someone signed off "PUNK CABARET is FREEDOM". Punk Cabaret IS Freedom.
You're bringing people together. I may not know these people. I may never meet them. But I know they're there and I know that they're sharing this and I want them to know that I'm here sharing this too.

- a (hopefully) future Dirty Business Brigader in Chester.

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Subject: St. Charles, IL
To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com

In my family it's kinda a tradition to go to the movies on new years eve, and so the whole week i've been trying to find a white hat to wear. A few days after christmas i relized that my aunt had given me a pair of white gloves, a scarf and a hat!
I ran up the stairs into my room to find the set(the second winter set i had gotten). i found it and...no hat! it was just gloves and a scarf. needless to say i was very sad.

I got home yesterday from my friends and i see my sis at the computer...with the cutest whiter hat i've ever seen! i'm gunna try and persuade her to let me where it tonight, but if she won't hopefully someone will see her and say something and i can step in!

I'll be watching tonight!
~love from the girl with her fam in St. Charles, IL

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Subject: white hats....

I sent in a message before and when i saw it was up i went and cried.
but then i realized that its ok, and wearing my white headband made me
feel less alone. so now i wear it whenever i feel alone no matter where
i go. to the person in fairfax,va- i'm in herndon, va. so maybe i'll se
you at a theater, i haven't seen anyone else yet either, but maybe i'll
see you! [thanks so much becky!!!]
-herndon, va.

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Subject: White headband
To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com

I'm going to get a whiteheadband :) And wear it when I feel alone.
It'll remind me there are other people out there, and that we have no need
to feel alone, we are all with each other.
a girl in the UK, missing home.

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Subject: Plans

I'm going to tell my best friend about WHP. Both of us aren't really popular at school and usually spend weekends with each other or alone. Reaching out to somebody else will make us feel better, or at least being a part of something like WHP will make us feel a bit better when we go to the movies and see other people with their huge groups of friends and girlfriends and boyfriends together.