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Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Wednesday, January 24, 2007
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Subject: i tried..
To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com

I was home on winter break from college and i thought it would be a good idea to go see a movie with my sister because we don't hang out that often and sisters are suppose to bond. We decided to go see Alpha Dogs, i was really excited because it was a Saturday night and ever since that first postcard was posted and WHP became a blog site i have been a religious reader. each story in itself has inspiration and we are all getting some of it. Anyway, as i was watiing in line i told my sister to keep an eye out for people in white hats or headbands. I told her about the WHP and we both kept our eyes open. We ended up seeing one of my best friends and her boyfriend who were also about to go see a movie, we each went to our different theatres and my sister and i went to the very top row so that we could see EVERYBODY who came into the theater to keep an eye out for white hats. I quickly grabbed my phone and texted my friend "Hey do me a favor and keep an eye out for people who are wearing white hats, and let me know if you see any!" We all had our eyes open but with no luck :-(
I would love to go to the movies with each and every one of you white hatters. Every time i read a story a smile is brought to my face. and as alone as i feel at times i know that there are other people just like me and its comforting to know that i really am not alone. so thank you, each and every one of you
..I hope you all have a SUPER day and remember somebody IS thinking of you somewhere!

Smiling Girl,
Allentown, PA

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To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com
Subject: southeast kansas

I'm making a white hat, but I don't get out to the movies much. I want so much to go make a new friend, but I certainly can't claim to be alone ... married with children. This is why I haven't managed to go out to a movie yet. Judging by the thrill I got when I knew *for certain* that a current postcard on post secret is from my home town, I know I need to get out and connect with more people.

- in the fluffy white hat

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Subject: WHP
To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com

I don't own a white hat, but I plan on buying one next time I go shopping.
With college and horrible class times and none of my best friends being here with me, it's hard to find someone that wants to watch the same movie as me.
I can't wait to go to the movies next time with a white hat and I definitely can't wait to share my story when I do.
Thanks for coming up with the White Hat People. It gives me hope.

- Davis, CA [I'll see you there!]

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Subject: Location
To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com

Hey! I'm in college so I'm not usually at home, because I go to school 180 miles away. So look for me and my white hat in Newport News Virginia or in Manassas Virginia. I can't really go to the movies 1. because I don't have my own car and 2. I'm a poor college student, but I'll be around campus (CNU) wearing my white hat with the Orioles logo on it and sometimes Patrick Henry Mall so if you see me, smile or say Hi. I'm very friendly and always looking for new friends. WHP is an amazing thing. In our own ways we are all alone, but if everyone is alone, then we are all alone together. That probably doesn't really make any sense, but we are all apart of something huge. Don't be afraid to say hi to me.

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i was supposed to go to the movies withmy best friend today. then i found out shes trying to hook up with the guy that she knows i like. so forget her, i went to the movies by myself. i was in the movie theatre fuming and i realized that i kind of stood up to her because she pulls this kind of stuff all the time. so im proud of myself. really.

i didnt see any other white hat people, unfortunately,
but i would say its been a productive day.

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Subject: Pizza hut
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007

well, I didn't get to go to the movies, but I did go to Pizza hut for my friend's 16th birthday party, and I wore my white hat.
I didn't see any other white hatters, (the place was nearly empty. Big snowstorm yesterday) but I did see and old friend, who I haven't talked to in years, working there. We're all planning on going back up to hang out with him again soon.

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I went out and bought a white hat on Friday. This weekend, I'm going to use it. I've been going to the movies alone for five years-- since I started college. I've always found it to be relaxing...it started out as a way to get away from annoying roommates, and turned into something theraputic. I would love to see other white hatters out there. I'm in Orange County, CA. I have a friend who lives on the other end of the state, and she's a white hatter, too. We're going to coordinate movie times, so we'll be out there alone, together.

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Subject: White Hats

Thank you for your blog.
I read the secret months ago, but I just now found your sight today,

Thank you. I would like to say that I am brave enough to wear a white
hat, to find someone else who feels alone in the world. But if I am
truely going to be honest, I am terrified to trust anyone. White hat
or not, everyone leaves, leaving me back where I started. But it is
incredibly inspiring to know that one day, when I am ready, there
might be a white hatter out there for me.

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This past saturday was the first time i ventured out to see a movie on my own since the White Hats began. I knew i was going to go sooner or later but it couldnt be just any movie i went to, just for the sake of going. It needed to be a movie that i really wanted to but no one else i knew did. This time there would be no promises made to myself that i'll see it when it comes out on DVD. (I never do). This time there would be no regrets that if only ONE of my friends wasnt busy that weekend, or if only ONE was bored enough to let me convince them to come with me. No this time i would go, without stalling, without any awkwardness or uncessary self consciousness just because i was alone, without any self pity.... And i did!

I didnt have a great morning.I ran a little late getting ready for the movie in the afternoon.I rushed to buy my ticket and then some food to eat in the cinema as i was starving.I didn't see anyone in or outside the cinema other than couples and families with young children.I certainly didn't see anyone in a white hat.

But god it was a beautiful movie. The scenic shots, the plot... Made me stupidly cry more than once. But the amazing thing was that i didn't care. I was alone. I didn't have to worry about how stupid i looked, or what my friends would think/say to me after the movie. I didnt have to worry about how they felt about this movie i forced them to see. I was alone and i was totally, completely and uncompromisingly free!

Sitting there, with a white flower in my hair, i felt so much calm and easiness and confidence. Something i would rarely feel being alone... anywhere, really. But this time i felt it from the moment i started getting ready, from the moment the thought "Im going to that movie today" entered my mind. Because while i was alone in my movie theatre, maybe even in my shopping center. I wasnt alone period. Not really. Not ever. We're never as alone as we feel at times... This place just happens to remind us of that openly and frequently. That maybe there really is "somebody" waiting for us in the rain. :)

Btw, afterwards it being a lovely evening and all i went for a walk. Stopped and had a drink at a nearby hotel/bar. Now i was sure i'd never do that on my own.