Sat Jan 27
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Sunday, January 28, 2007
----Email Message----
Subject: look for me tomorrow

I found my white hat a few weeks back -- but I have been so busy I
haven't gotten to go to a movie or anything.

But its been one roller-coaster of a week.
Maybe when I see "freedom writers" tomorrow night... wearing my white
hat; I won't feel so alone.

Fuzzy white hat,
Bellevue, WA

----Email Message----
Subject: My white hat story

Even though this happened about a month ago, I recently realized that it was because of this website.

Right before Christmas I was going to go on a trip across the country for a week. I was supposed to hang out with my friends the saturday before I left (i was leaving the next morning), but they ended up bailing out on me. Needless to say I was pretty hurt and feeling alone, considering this wasnt the first time they had done it to me. My self esteem had been down lately anyways, considering I had been single for almost 2 and a half years, and I was watching my friends go through boyfriends one after another, leaving me wondering why I wasnt wanted.

After a bit of coaxing, my sister persuaded me to go to the movies with her and her roommate, and I agreed, dispite my bad mood. About an hour before leaving one of my friends called and apologized over and over agian for bailing out on me (turns out she got called into work) and I forgave her. Even though I was still in a down mood, I invited her along. Right before we left for the movies, I remembered about the WHP. So I quickly grabbed a big white headband since I have no white hats, and we went to the movies.

The movie was okay (even though I saw no other white hatters), and afterwards I took a quick trip out to the store to get a few things before I had to leave the next morning. As the four of us were walking towards the front of the store, I ran into a guy that I had not seen in over 6 months, and made plans to hang out with him once we got back into town a week later for New Years Eve.

My trip came and went, and I got home and was able to hang out with the guy we had run into. It turns out that he had liked me since we met about a year or so ago, and we soon started dating. Its almost been a month now for him and I, and if it werent for WHP reminding me there are other people out there that felt just like I did, I wouldnt have gone to the movies and run into my now current boyfriend. It lead to something good for me, and now every time I go to the movies, I wear my white headband and keep an eye out for anyone else with a white hat. And if I do see anyone, i'll make sure to smile, and maybe strike up a conversation. Who knows what might happen? WHP did great things for me, maybe I can help someone else!

-girl in the white headband