Wed Dec 13
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
(There are so many stories that I have received that I would like to post. I'm trying to pick a handful a day, but I want to post them all!)

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Every other Saturday evening, I'll be going out with a white hat on hoping to meet someone else with a white hat. I say every other Saturday because my boyfriend has band practice every other weekend. While he's with his friends, I'm going to try and meet new ones. I do love my boyfriend, more than anything. He's saved me from the worst dips into depression I've ever had. But it makes me sad to think that there are so many people I haven't had the chance to meet--just on a friend basis. So--look out for me New Hampshirites--I'll be out there next week looking for you.

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Subject: Thanks!

I love this.

Postsecret has always made me feel a part of something.

Now I feel like an active part in sometime.

I'm buying a white hat this week, and I'll be wearing it any movie I see from now on.

Love love love,

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Subject: It's amazing!!

HI!! I'm SO happy you started the page for white hatters. :D THANK YOU!!

I am not alone, in fact, I'm happily married. It surprises me though; the social stigma against going to the movies alone. I do it often while my husband works through the night and I can't sleep. I don't go looking for friends, or lovers, but to see a movie and spend a night enjoying the company of myself. Sometimes, I even talk to me. ;)

To those of you afraid to go, don't be. Revel in the time you get alone. There will always be people in your life. You are the most important one of them though. You're beautiful, and you should enjoy yourself.

I am, however, afraid of talking to strangers. People judge me before they know me, and I struggle to deal with that on a daily basis. Now, though, I might just find someone with a white hat in a theatre, and I'll ask them about you. I'll tell them about PostSecret, and now, I'll send them to you. :) White hats are beautiful things. Thank you for giving me an excuse to see past my fear and reach out to possibly make new friends.

_Minot, ND_

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Subject: White hat at the movies

My friends and I have always gone out to the movies on Saturday nights, that is, until I confided in them that I am a lesbian. Now they no longer speak to me. I haven't seen a movie since, but reading these letters has reminded that me that it's okay to go alone. I bought a white hat, and plan on going tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll see you there. If by chance we happen to see each other, don't be shy. Say hello. Maybe we'll get some coffee or hot chocolate, maybe we'll just smile and go on our ways. Either way, I thank you.

Sitting in the middle of the back row.

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Subject: This is awesome

I read PostSecret and check it during the week for updates and other heartwrenching notes that people leave. I saw this, and I'm honesly just amazed. This is so great. I love this idea. So here's my story:

The guy I love is in Iowa. I'm in Michigan. We're both huge fans of the book Eragon, and the movie is coming out next Friday (December 15). We planned on going to the show at the same time(we'll work that out), alone physically, but because we're going for each other, we're not alone. I don't have a white hat, but I think I'll find one just in case. Even if no one else is wearing a white hat (or I don't have the courage to approach them), I know that I won't be alone, and I'd like to thank you for making this site. Now, even more than before, we're never alone.

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Subject: to the white hat people in canada

my long term boyfriend left me recently for another woman with no explaination.

all i am left with are the memories and a broken heart.

lately i have been seeing more and more films alone, but the next time i go, i will be wearing a white hat.

i know that there must be someone out there who will realize that i am the one they too have been searching for, as i am already sick of crying myself to sleep at night.

you never know, he might have the same taste in film as i do. here's to hoping.

(...and thanks for providing the hope. i needed it.)

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I have always gone to the movies alone, though rarely on a busy, crowded & noisy Saturday night showing. I have always enjoyed going alone & preferred to do so as I love the experience of the movies. The only down side is not having someone to debrief with afterwards. I will look out for other white hat folk to chat with, have coffee with? and debrief with. Enjoy your new friendships everyone & God bless you all. See you there! Perth , Western Australia .

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Subject: my white hat
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 20:40:31 +0800

There are many movies I have wanted to see and not because friends haven't been interested in them. I feel lucky because usually I am surrounded by friends and family however in a way I feel I have missed out because I do not have the confidence to act on my own, when I have only me for company my usual bubbly self is quiet and insecure. Sometimes I used to look at people at the movies on their own and think about how sad and lonely their lives must have been, now I realise I am envious because they have the confidence to face the world alone which I do not. I have only just recently started looking in shops on my own so it may take some time but one day I hope to get up the courage to go to the movies alone, I will be sure to wear my white hat with pride. I hope Australians out there read this so that maybe someone will see me and know what my hat symbolises because under my hat I will be feeling confident, independent and liberated.