Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Friday, December 8, 2006
This page was started after reading the PostSecret page on Sunday, December 3rd. The secret that inspired it all said 'I take comfort in the darkness of the movie theatre, waiting for someone else to come alone, too. I know you're out there. Maybe some day we'll meet.'
To which readers replied:

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Sent: Sunday, December 3, 2006 8:22 AM

This Saturday evening I will be waiting for you too. This invitation does not mean that I want to do anything or talk during the movie. But when the darkness leaves the theatre, perhaps we will look into each other's eyes, smile, decide to get a cup of coffee and share a conversation over what we just saw.

-waiting with a white hat

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Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 8:10 AM
Subject: movies/white hats

i have a white hat that i don't like very much. but i'll be wearing it every saturday night i happen to be at the movies (alone). spread it around; if you're going to the movies alone, wear a white hat. if you see someone with a white hat, ask them how they are, and if they visit postsecret.

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Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 11:42 AM

Frank-You should ask the people who are going to wear white hats on Saturdays to email you about what happens. And then tell us too!


I thought it might be nice if all the White Hat People had a place to go to share stories, ideas, thoughts, whatnot. We'd love for you to send us your stories (and pictures too!). Snap a shot of a fellow White Hat Person, Show us who you met, Tell us what transpired.

I'll be wearing a white hat when I go to the movies alone on Saturday evening too. Pass it on, and say 'hello' if you see another White Hat Person.


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