Thu Dec 14
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Thursday, December 14, 2006
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Subject: White Hatters--err Headband
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 18:16:53 -0600
I went to the movies Monday night, and I've sortve been keeping tabs on The White Hatter peoples, well before I left, without thinking, I put on my white headband (which I bought Sunday because I thought it was cute), and didn't really give it much thought. After I put it on, I felt complete, oddly enough.

I went to the viewing stage and just as the lights die down, a guy comes in, wearing a white baseball cap, and makes a point to sit next to me. I didnt give it much thought, other than odd. Sometime during the movie, he ended up taking my hand in his, and I didn't pull away.

Afterwards we went and grabbed a bite to eat, later he asked me if I was a follower of The White Hatters, and I looked at him like he was crazy, realizing what he was talking about, I apologized. I said, yes, I haven't had a White Hatter expeirence yet, but I just did.

We're going to out on a date, Friday. I'm glad I didn't pull away from him, he might be who I've been looking for.

P.S. He said he wasn't sure if he'd approach me or not since it wasn't a hat I was wearing. White headbands will work too! I'm glad I bought it, I can't tell you why I did, but I just did. It was a aimless purchase, but aimless or not, it's proving to be a happy purchase none the less.

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Subject: Maybe I'll do it again

To all those White Hatters out thereYears ago I went to a movie alone. I had really wanted to go see this movie and my roommate planned to go with me. At the last minute she stood me up for a guy. I called a few other friends, but no one was available. I was so mad, I decided to go to the movies by myself. At first, I was self-conscious. I just knew everyone was going to be talking about me and how pathetic I was, but it turned out to be one of the best movie-going experiences I've ever had. It was so wonderful to be able to just sit back and enjoy a movie by myself. I haven't had a solo trip to the movies since, but now that I know there might be others out there, wearing their white hats, maybe I'll ditch my friends, buy a white hat and do it again! Thanks for the confidence

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Subject: Thanks

I check out the new PostSecrets every Sunday and for some reason I was drawn to look at it again before they changed for the next week...I saw the email posted about the whitehatpeople blog.While I have a roommate and a boyfriend, my roommate never wants to leave the house and my boyfriend is currently living in Canada for a short while, I'm terribly lonely and don't have many friends anymore. I hate going anywhere alone. It makes me feel terrible. My therapist says that I have to do it for 'me' time and so I can become more comfortable with myself. I wanted to say thank you for making this page and wanted to let anyone know that if you're a white hat person and in ND, even if you don't say 'Hi', I'm still looking forward to see you soon.-North Dakota

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I just moved to Chicago and I don't really know anybody. I have been trying to get the nerve to go to the movies by myself (because I love them and I don't really know anyone else with whom to go). I think I am finally ready, so when I get back from spending the holidays with my family, I'm going to buy a white hat and go to the movies. Hopefully I'll make a new movie buddy! :)
-Girl in the white hat and the big coat

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I don't have much friends, that's why I go alone to the movies. At first I felt embarrassed and sad about it; seeing all the couples and people who had their friends come with them. But now the movie theatre is a place where I want to go alone, I can dive in to the movie and forget all my worries. But sometimes it would be nice if I had someone who I could talk to about the movie afterwards.So, next time when I go alone to the movies on a Saturday I will be wearing a white hat. Hopefully someone comes and talks to me.
- Finland.

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I'm in Britain - North Wales, really, but my usual cinema is in England, as I live right on the border.

Going to the cinema alone had never even occurred to me.

Suddenly, it seems ridiculous that all those films I wanted to see that I couldn't find anyone to go to with, I just didn't see.

It'll be scary and difficicult, but maybe I'll go to movie alone. Maybe I'll buy a white hairband or something.


Thankyou for opening up such a beautiful thing.

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Subject: Meet?

Brit white-hat here. I'm another one who sort of thought going to a film alone said something not too great about the state of your social life. I've watched the white hat revolution take place on here with some incredulity, but it has made me smile this morning and that's not such a small thing. Looks like I'm off to rummage in my wardrobe for a white trilby I'd forgotten I had, and some time this week I'm going to go and see a film alone.

Actually, I'm weirdly excited. Seeing a film by yourself does say something about you, but I'm not sure it's a 'social life' sort of statement. This is a statement about me, and everybody else out there, who has made the choice to go and do something alone- because, whatever look the couples and gaggles of giggling girls shoot you as you ask for a single ticket to whatever it is you want to see, we're people with opinions, minds and thoughts of our own, we're validated by our own existence, and can be happy being by ourselves. That right there's no small thing.

It probably sounds strange, then, that I'll be wearing the hat at all; I'm happy to be alone. And I'd love to meet someone else who's happy to be alone, maybe sit on our own together in starbucks somewhere and work out why that is. Irony or oxymoron? Either way, we should meet each other. This thing looks like being legendary. Any other white hatters out there who might be able to wing their white-hatted way to Manchester, UK?

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Subject: thank you

I never do anything with my friends on the weekend, they are always
busy. i've always felt like a loser because of this, especially because
i'm still in high school and your supposed to hang out with your
on the weekend. I now know that i'm not alone. I'll be getting my
hat. I hope I see another white hatter out there, and we just smile at
each other knowingly and take comfort in the fact that we aren't alone.
-junior in high school.