Mon Dec 18
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
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Subject: Add on India.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 03:48:16 -0800

I'm an ex-pat American and read postsecret long before I moved here and will long after I've left. I've also gone to movies by myself for years. Not often, but as a constant traveller and an occasional spoiled brat (I want to
see what I want to see), it has been known to happen. I love those moments of solitude, wrapped up in the darkness and a communal activity whether or not you're with others. In many ways, it's like the Internet. I know
you're all out there. I may never meet you. But every Sunday thousands of you are sharing in one of my most favorite activities. I take comfort in that unity, especially in the divisive times we live in.
It's almost impossible to be alone in my newly adopted, wonderfully choatic country. And movies are no different. The movies are almost always sold out and everyone talks through the entire movie anyway. If I did want to speak to someone, I could easily start up a conversation and, in minutes, they would probably invite me over to supper. It's what happens when people truly believe that a guest is god. I'm sure there are lonely people
here, like everywhere, but I'll be wearing white the next time I go to feel closer to all of you on this page. I already live in a society where starting up a conversation with a stranger is utterly and completely natural.
Thanks to all of you for trying to bring that idea to the rest of the world.


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Subject: White hats in Alaska!

I always travel alone yet I always have the best conversations with
random strangers. I've just figured it out: It's because I've always
worn a white hat :) So to anyone flying from Seattle to Anchorage on
Sunday, I'll be in a white hat and would love to chat!

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Subject: Silver City Polo Park
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 17:07:52 -0600

I just read the message signed from a White Hatter in Winnipeg,
Manitoba. I just passed by the Silver City Theatre a little while ago while leaving a Christmas shopping expedition. I thought of the White Hat people. I thought of what it might be like to walk in with a white hat and wondered if I might see another. Somehow though, the White Hat people seemed like part of another universe, maybe because of the vastness of the internet, maybe because Winnipeg seems so far away from all the other places mentioned on the website. In any case, coming home and reading that letter was a wonderful thing because it brought home the fact that we are all searching for something or someone, and even though I can feel isolated, the mention of something familiar was a welcoming feeling. To the person who wrote the orginal Silver City Polo Park letter: thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in what I feel in this cold, cold city of ours! Perhaps one day we will meet.

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I am going to germany in a week & stuffed into my super-tightly packed suitcase is my favorite white hat. I don’t know how many people know about this over there, but maybe I will make a new friend when I watch a film by myself in my white hat, in Muenster , Germany . See you there.

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Subject: Id like to join :)
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 01:17:38 +1100

I saw the postcard that began this movement. It and it's reply made me tear up and smile (I still have it up on my blog). And before the week was out i couldn't help laughing when i saw the message advertising thewhitehatpeople movement. The internet has so many flaws but it's things like this that give me so much hope and make me love it to no end.

I guess going to be movies alone is society's own little secret. Few are willing to do it, and even when we do it isn't as satisfying as it could have been. I've always been a little too independent not to do things because none of my friends would. I've actually spent a fair bit of my life alone, doing what i wanted. It's not so bad, there's a certain freedom and peace than comes with it. But there are also so many times when you can feel JUST how alone you are and wishing beyond anything that there could be someone with you. (And yes it does hurt a lot and i cry too...)

And even i'm not always brave or determined enough to go see a movie on my own. I have stalled and put it off and nearly missed watching a movie i really wanted to see. But there is something i just cant do on my own: Go to a bar. Being only 18 i feel conspicious and uncomfortable being there alone.

... I dont have a white hat. But i do have a big, bright white flower- with white feathers at the edges and a yellow center, i bought a long time ago. The next time i intend to go to the movies alone (or maybe even somewhere else for that matter) i'll be sure to put it on. If you see me please, PLEASE come up to me. Regardless of your age, who you are i'd be glad for the company. Maybe we could get a coffee... Or go for happy hour at a bar? :)

I do have a very light blue CottonOn baseball cap i reserve for bad hair days which i may wear too... :P

Joining the ranks,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Subject: Thanks to the WHP

Dear Becky-
Earlier today I started dwelling on the fact that this guy that I really care about is in a relationship with another girl. I started feeling like it was the end of the world and no one else was ever going to take his place until I remembered the white hat people. The white hat people reminded me that I'm not alone in the world. There are so many people out there and there are so many opportunites to meet them and make new friends and connections. I started feeling a lot better. I haven't had the chance to take part in wearing a white hat and going to the movies on a Saturday night but I still feel, no I KNOW that there are plenty of opportunities and people out there for me to meet. I just want to thank every person out there that goes out and wears a white hat Saturday night.
-Single but not alone in PA

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Subject: White Hats (Good thing my subject lines are specific, eh?)

I saw The Secret on the Friday after it was posted. This was also a week after I finally managed to work up the courage to tell the guy that I've liked for years how I feel about him, only to find out that he didn't feel the same way. I saw the secret and all the replies, and I was so excited that the next day was Saturday. I had my entire day planned around going to a movie by myself. Unfortunately, I'm a procrastinator and had to spend the entire night working on a project. So I vowed to go yesterday, but I had family in town so it didn't work out. But next weekend, no matter what, I will be going. I'm going to go buy a white hat this week, and I'll probably even wear my white sweater just in case. So if anyone in Omaha, Nebraska is seeing Eragon this Saturday, I'll be there too.

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My friend and I are both avid readers of PostSecret, and subsequently, we have become devoted followers of the White Hat People. This week we both arrived home from college, and we decided that we wanted to go to the movies with our white hats. Unfortunately, I had to work late on Saturday; however, we still went to see The Holiday, but we had to go to the last showing of the evening. As expected, we did not see anyone else in a white hat at the theatres, but we had an interesting conversation on the way out. As we were walking to our car, a girl in the parking lot turned around and commented to us that it had been a good movie. Since she was not wearing a white hat (or any white at all, for that matter), we did not realize that she may have been a follower of the White Hat People as well until we were well on our way home. So, if you’re out there reading this, sorry we didn't continue the conversation!
We're looking forward to going to the movies with our white hats again next Saturday (as long as I don't have to work), and we hope to see some of you there!
- Brandon , Florida

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Subject: once or twice

For years and years I was afraid to see a movie by myself. I was a loner in grade school, and never went to movies...Then in highschool when I could drive, every weekend I got a chance I went to movies with friends. But never alone. Then in 2005 after going off to college, I got up my nerve and went to V for Vendetta by myself. It was one of the most liberating experiances of my life. Not only was the movie rated R (I wasn't even carded) but I was able to sit in my favorite spot (behind the bars on the left in the front row). Since then, I've been to several movies by myself and I love every minute of it. Movies have always been a way for me to get away from reality and my life, and going to them alone has only intensified that feeling for me.

When I heard about the white hat ppl on Post Secret... I was sad. I couldn't figure out why ppl wouldn't want to go to movies by themselves since I'd enjoyed it so much. Well, I've discovered that maybe I will join you...although I dont quite understand...I wouldn't mind knowing that I have company or being that company myself. So when I go home for Christmas Break I'm going to go to a movie by myself, possibly Eragon or Apolcalypto, wearing a white sweatshirt, hood up. If you see me, sit by me, or say something afterwards...If you like to talk a bit during movies, I'm your gal. Don't be shy...
- Loving Alone in South Dakota

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Subject: just another thank-you
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 19:11:19 +0100

Dear Becky
I really just wanted to let you know that I (too) truly appreciate the idea. I haven't yet had i chance to go to the theatre and the next weeks will be floded with exams and christmas. But i've made a plan to go on december 30th. I can't wait. I have never gone to the movies alone and always thought my sister (who's done it a few times) was a bit wierd. Thanks for showing me i was wrong:-) As i live in a rather small country and postsecret is not very commenly known here i will look for other white hats in the theatre. I feel sure that i will enjoy the movie even more than i would have with a friend. I will be proud to sit there with my white hat on.
-A white hatter from Denmark