White Hats tonight
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Double Sink Vanities by Greentea Design
Sunday, December 10, 2006
Here are a few more messages I've received. I think that it's great that so many people are going out tonight (or have gone out already).

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To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com
Subject: Thank You.
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 14:01:19 -0600

I have checked the white hat blog every day since the link showed up.
Today I got on and found a blog of tons of emails of people going to
the movies. The postcard that was sent in to postsecret made me cry, as
I tend to go to movies alone all the time, whether its because I am
bored, or because no one else will go with me, I have gone to movies alone
for years. Even more so now that it is my senior year in high school
and all of my friends are going their own seperate ways. I don't think
I have cried so hard, in happiness, ever in my life. The past few
months have been crying of another kind for me.

I wasn't really sure if I were going to put on my white hat on and go
to a movie tonight. Now, I will. As I know I will on my first free
night when I move for college, as I will at least once a month, as long as
I have money. From now until I can't seem to get out of bed anymore.
The fact that there are so many people out there that reminded me of
why I love life, and why I choose to go out and enjoy it, was refreshing.
I had almost forgotten.

I'll see any other white hatters out there at 7 tonight.

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To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com
Subject: Lone Movie Goer
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 14:55:50 -0500

I used to think going to the movies alone was weird or meant you are a loser or had no friends. Then I started working at a movie theatre. I am a movie lover and could not always find someone to go with me. I know differently now.

The first time I sat alone in the dark movie theatre was because my best friends had become a couple. They no longer wanted me as a thrid wheel and they ditch me at the movie theatre. I don't even remember what film it was I saw, but I recall bawling my eyes out throughout the entire thing.

From that point on I learned a great lesson. I can survive going to the movies alone. Now not only do I survive it, I enjoy it. I go to movies by myself all the time.
It's liberating. I don't have to be dependent on other people. If no one else want to see a movie I am interested in, so be it; I still want to see it.

I will be looking for you others out there on Saturday night,
because maybe you were interest in a film no one else wanted to see
or maybe you got ditched by someone too.
Either way afterwards I'll treat you to a cup of something yummy if you will treat me to your thoughts on the film (& I have an ear ready to hear about those didn't show up.)

~ Redhead with the White hat, waiting in the center of the 5th row from the front.

Here's a story from France:

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Subject: Whitehatpeople in FRANCE!
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 14:15:45 -0500

Saw your idea, I was alone in Chateau Thierry, France- so I bought and
wore a chapeau blanc at the
movies. No response, but the idea has wings. I'll link to it when I get
Thank you!

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The White Hats

I've been checking the Post Secret pages for a little over a year and
finally, the white hats give an outlet to what I've been feeling for so
long. Inspite of two failed marriages and a beautiful daughter, I dont
know that I've ever even been in love and I still manage to go through
every day numb because I feel so alone. It's nice to know that Im not
alone. The closest thing to a white hat I own is an old college ball cap
which is less white than old but I now feel the urge to go to Walmart.
The other day I was in town feeling the urge to buy a tree for the
holiday's but I couldnt bring myself to. "Im alone, its just me, whats the
point". Today I believe I'll be buying a tree and rather than an angel
or a star atop the tree, I think I'll buy a white hat.
-Lost in SA

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Subject: I am.

I am a white hat person,

and I will be at the movies tonight.

My friends and I are going together, but we're all going to watch different movies and be alone in the theatres. When the movies and we're gather and hopefully have stories about other white hat people we met.

I hope it happens. I've wished on every eyelash, star and dandilion I've seen.

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Subject: as it turns out...
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 17:22:44 -0500

I've always been too scared to go to a movie alone, scared someone will think of me as odd or incapable of making friends. I've thought about it before though....
then recently I became engaged and the thought slipped my mind- as I was sure I'd never be a lone again. but, as it turns out...my fiancé was sent last minute Friday to a job out of town and wont be returning until the AM on Sunday... I wanted to do this since the day I read it on the site- but we had elaborate plans for the weekend....
but my plans just changed...I went a bought a white head band. (hats don't look good on me) I'll buy the coffee, if you say hello.

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Subject: white hat
To: thewhitehatpeople@yahoo.com

my fiancee left me this week, and i've never felt more alone. i pushed all my friends away long ago because all i thought i wanted was him. if you're in the metro detroit area, i'll be wearing my white hat. i'd really appreciate a friend.